UMYU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers | Download PDF 2010-2020

Download up to date UMYU post UTME past questions and answers. Are you a candidate for the 2020/2021 academic session aptitude test? If yes, then you arrived at the right place to obtain the most comprehensive and reliable UMYU post UTME aptitude test past questions. Candidates who are about to take Umaru Musa Yar’adua University post UTME aptitude, are strictly advised to download and study the Umaru Musa Yar’adua University post UTME past questions. The importance of this material is that it helps you discover the exam format and also identify her most repeated questions. This will help you narrow your studies to areas that are very crucial. One important thing about repeated questions is that the are always bound to come up again. The Management of UMYU has approved Saturday 10th April, 2021 as date for the examination.

UMYU Post UTME Past Questions

The Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Post UTME screening  examination is very competitive, as candidates from many locations in Nigeria apply to take the same exams. To stand out and score high, it is required of you to prepare effectively, through rigorous studies of text materials and past questions. The only secret is preparation, and that has to be through reading and studying hard. It is recommended of you to download and study the UMYU post utme exam past questions. Quickly study the free UMYU post utme past questions below. After studying these samples, you can proceed to download the complete material. The samples below are provided for you to have glimpse at what the complete material look like.

Free UMYU Post UTME Past Questions:

  1. The minimum amount of energy required for effective collisions between reacting particles is known as

A) Activation energy
B) Bond energy

C) Kinetic energy

D) Potential energy

2. Which of the following statements about solids is correct?

A) Solid particles are less orderly than those of a liquid

B) Solid have lower densities than liquids

C) Solid particles have greater kinetic energies than those of liquids

D) Solid particles cannot be easily compressed

3. Which of the following apparatus can be used to measure a specific volume of a liquid accurately?

A) Beaker

B) Conical flask

C) Measuring cyclinder

D) Pipette

4. The spreading of the scent of a flower in a garden is an example of ________.

A) Brownian motion

B) Diffusion
C) Osmosis

D) Tynadal effect

5. The energy which accompanies the addition of an electron to an isolated gaseous atom is

A) Atomization

B) Electronegativity

C) Electron affinity
D) Ionization

6. The refreshing characteristic taste of fizzy drinks is due to the presence of

A) Carbon (IV) oxide
B) Glucose

C) Hydrogen

D) Sodium Citrate

7. Chemical equilibrium is attained when

A) All the reactants have been completely used up

B) The reaction goes to completion

C) The concentration of reactants and products remain constant
D) The concentration of reactants and products are equal

8. The quantity of electricity required to discharge 1 mole of univalent ion is

A) 9600 C

B) 48250 C

C) 96500 C
D) 193000 C

9. Chlorine water is used as a bleaching agent because it is

A) An acidic solution

B) An alkaline solution

C) An oxidizing agent
D) A reducing agent

10. Amino acids are obtained from proteins by
A) Hydrolysis
B) Oxidation

C) Polymerization

D) Reduction

How to Download UYMU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

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We know how difficult it is to transact online, considering the high level of scam/ fraudulent activities these days. In a bid to be able convince our customers, we have publish some samples above which you must have while reading about these past questions download. Just as seen on the sample, the complete past questions contains the full question of which the samples were derived from. You can count on us to deliver the past questions to you as the samples proofs the availability of the past questions. Thank you for your understanding. We so much cherish your patronage.



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