UI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers | Download PDF (2010-2020)

Hurry now and download the most comprehensive UI Post UTME past questions and answers on this page, from year 2010-2020. Candidates for the 2020/2021 academic session aptitude test, are strongly advised to study past questions and answers. The University of Ibadan past questions and answers are provided on this page to help you study and revise past exam questions of UI. Study UI post UTME screening past questions help student discover questions that have been repeated over the years and are likely to come up again. There is so much competition lately, as thousands of candidates apply to sit the UI post UTME aptitude test. To have an edge over other candidates that will be taken the same examination, you must be able to score very high in the UI aptitude test. The only way to study the past exam questions of all time, is to download university of Ibadan post UTME past questions. The University of Ibadan (UI) 2020/2021 post UTME screening is slated to hold on Tuesday, 06 April to Saturday, 10 April, 2021 as the post utme screening date.

On this page, we provide a comprehensive study material for the UI post UTME screening exams. The material you are about to download covers up to date questions and answers for all courses, subject combinations and departments of the university of Ibadan. Below are the features contained in UI post UTME aptitude test past questions.

Features of UI Post UTME Past Questions

  • Mathematics,
  • English Language,
  • Physics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Biology,
  • Literature in English,
  • Geography,
  • Economics,
  • Accounting,
  • Commerce,
  • Government
  • General Knowledge etc.

UI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

UI Post UMTE past questions which are available on this page for download, covers the years between 2010 to 2020. The study material is the most comprehensive you can ever find. There are numerous questions that repeat over the years and you will get to discover them one by one. This in turn will help you focus attention on the most important areas while studying and preparing for your exams. It is highly recommended for you to study UI post UTME past questions from 2010-2020. You can study the few samples below which are derived from the complete material. This is meant to help you have a view of what the complete UI post UTME past questions look like. Do not hesitate  to make purchase for the complete material, after studying these sample questions. Study the free UI post UTME past questions and answers below.

Free UI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

  1. A is 30% more efficient than B. How much time will they, working together, take to complete a job which A alone could have done in 23 days?
    A. 9 days
    B. 11 days
    C. 13 days
    D. 15 days

2. A takes twice as much time as B or thrice as much time as C to finish a piece of work. Working together, they can finish the work in 2 days. B can do the work alone in
A. 4 days
B. 8 days
C. 6 days
D. 12 days

3. X and Y can do a piece of work in 20 days and 12 days respectively. X started the work alone and then after 4 days Y joined him till the completion of the work. How long did the work last?
A. 20 days
B. 14 days
C. 10 days
D. 6 days

4. A car covers its journey at the speed of 80km/hr in 10hours. If the same distance is to be covered in 4 hours, by how much the speed of car will have to increase ?
A. 40km/hr
B. 60km/hr
C. 90km/hr
D. 120km/hr

5. Walking 3/4th of his usual rate, a man is 15min late. Find his usual time in minutes
A. 30
B. 35
C. 45
D. 25

6. A sum of money trebles itself in 15 years 6 months. In how many years would it double itself?
A. 1 year 11 months
B. 2 years 7 months
C. 4 years 3 months
D. 7 years 9 months

7. At what rate percent per annum will the simple interest on a sum of money be 5 of the amount in 10 years?
A. 2%
B. 4%
C. 10%
D. 18%

8. The introduction of machines into the work place is likely to cause

A. cyclical unemployment

B. structural unemployment
C. frictional unemployment

D. seasonal unemployment

9. A container 8cm high has a volume 60cm3. Find the volume of a similar container 40cm high.
A. 300cm3
B. 900cm3

C. 1200cm3

D. 7200cm3

10. In a class of 35 students, 19 take history and 12 take economics. If 5 take both subjects, how many take neither?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 5

D. 9

How to Download University of Ibadan UI Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

The UI post UTME past questions are available in PDF and can be downloaded instantly and also accessed through email or whatsapp. Pay the sum of 2,000 naira to download the past questions. Payment should be made to the account details below. 

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Account Number: 0523296040

After a successful payment, please send your email to us via 08100923529. Make sure to also include proof of payment and name of the past question paid for, as well. You can call to confirm payment or send the details required after payment to phone number 08100923529. This can be done through SMS or whatsapp. Drop your number in the comment box below so we can get back to you.

Assurance of Delivery

We know how difficult it is to transact online, considering the high level of scam/ fraudulent activities these days. In a bid to be able convince our customers, we have publish some samples above which you must have while reading about these past questions download. Just as seen on the sample, the complete past questions contains the full question of which the samples were derived from. You can count on us to deliver the past questions to you as the samples proofs the availability of the past questions. Thank you for your understanding. We so much cherish your patronage.



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