MLJ Marine Oil and Gas Past Questions and Answers

The recent MLJ Marine Oil and Gas Past Questions and answers are available for PDF download on this page. MLJ Marine Oil and Gas recruitment Past Questions are compiled from exam papers of the past years. It is important to have an idea of the kind of questions that are asked or at least knowing what to expect, and also knowing the area to focus on when studying.

MLJ Marine Oil and Gas Past Questions

Here, in our portal we have latest MLJ Marine oil and gas aptitude test past questions and answers for download. Quickly the samples below then proceed to obtain the complete past questions. Download MLJ Marine Oil and Gas exam Past Questions after going through the samples.

About MLJ Marine Oil and Gas

 MLJ Marine Oil & Gas Limited is an integrated Upstream & Midstream oil and gas company service company of choice providing marine logistics, engineering, procurement, installation and construction services to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

Samples of MLJ Marine Oil and Gas Past Questions

  1. Dust free work areas utilize which type of footwear

A. Rubber
B. Non-woven booties
C. Latex
D. Vinyl

2. Which term refers to the annual number of reported incidents divided by population at risk to exposure of gas


3. What does volume release stops

A. Volume intake
B. Volume build up
C. None of these
D. Volume venting

4. Which nuclear incident reporting level signify major accident, as prescribed by INES

A. 7.0
B. 5.0
C. 6.0
D. 0.0

5. During an event of fire, how should personnel move out in

A. Straight erect position
B. Bending head to shoulder level
C. None of these
D. Crawling below

6. Which element is concerned with environmental pollution

A. survival of mankind
B. Sustenance of mankind
C. Human health
D. All of these

7. Which of the following is an inert gas

A. Arctic fire
B. Urea
C. Argon
D. Sodium Chloride

8. Which of the following is not an point source of water pollution

A. discharges from a sewage treatment plant
B. discharges from a factory
C. None of these
D. discharges from a city storm drain

9. The BIS standard for classification of hazardous chemicals, is

A. 4607.0
B. 8433.0
C. 4209.0
D. 8089.0

10. Which part of the skin is the lowest layer

A. Dermis
B. Hyper dermis
C. Epidermis
D. Hyper epidermis

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