Lonadek Nigeria Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

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Lonadek Nigeria Recruitment Past Questions

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About Lonadek Nigeria

Lonadek is one of the foremost in capacity building for Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria, particularly in the area of Process Engineering… With a significant contribution to the growth of Local Content in the upstream sector of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry

Samples of Lonadek Nigeria Recruitment Past Questions

 1. Safety measure against exposure to radiation, is

A. Goggle
B. Glove
C. Protective cap
D. Wooden handle

2. What causes marine pollution

A. Oil spills
B. All of these
C. urban runoff
D. urban sewerage

3. Which radiation occurs when humans travel in flights high in space

A. Cosmic
B. Alpha
C. X-ray
D. Gamma

4. Usually the dry powder consist of

A. Sodium chloride
B. Sodium hydroxide
C. Sodium peroxide
D. Sodium bicarbonate
5. Exposure to irritants leads to

A. Inflammation
B. Cancer
C. Suffocation
D. Blindness

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