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Download HSE Officer Past Questions and answers in order to prepare for your aptitude test. Here, we provide recent HSE Officer aptitude test Past Questions to candidates who have shortlist for the exam, or interested to study for HSE Officer Exam. This ebook is well arranged and are available in PDF. You can download up to date HSE exam past questions on this page.

HSE Officer Past Questions

HSE Officer Interview Past Questions will benefit you in so many ways. One of it is exposing you to possible questions that are likely to repeat. Over the past years, most questions were discovered repeated in the exams questions. You can brace yourself up as HSE recruitment past questions will increase your chances of passing the exam with high marks. However, that can only be possible when you study the past questions well.

Samples of HSE Officer Exam Past Questions

  1. There are four negative risk responses an organization can elect to use. Your organization is completing a project where some electrical work is deemed too dangerous to be completed internally. You advise that the project manager hire a licensed electrician to complete the dangerous assignment. What type of risk response have you advised in this scenario?

A. Transference
B. Avoidance
C. Mitigation
D. Acceptance

2. What should employer do under OSHA

A. Keep accurate records of work-related injuries and illnesses.
B. Inform employees about hazards through training, labels, alarms, color-coded systems, chemical information sheets and other methods.
C. Perform tests in the workplace, such as air sampling required by some OSHA standards.
D. All of these

3. What is the best way to ensure that employees comply with the Drug-Free Workplace Act?

A. Establish penalties for drug arrests.
B. Notify employees about contract conditions.
C. Establish an awareness program.
D. Develop and publish a written policy.

4. What does the character S, expands to in OSHA

A. Secured
B. Security
C. Safe
D. Safety

5. You work for a manufacturing facility that deals with many different types of chemicals. Some of the chemicals in the workplace can be dangerous and require special training to transport or utilize the chemicals. You notice that some of the chemicals, that aren’t necessarily dangerous, do not have a material safety data sheet affixed. Does the lack of material safety data sheet represents a risk-related problem?

A. Yes – your company must create and affix a material safety data sheet for all chemicals.
B. Yes – the manufacturer of the chemicals is required to affix a material safety data sheet to the chemicals.
C. No – only dangerous materials must have the material safety data sheet.
D. No – if there is a large material safety data sheet for all chemicals above the area where the chemicals are stored.

6. If an employer ignores stress in employees what symptom are employees likely to develop?

A. Burnout
B. Turnover
C. De-motivation
D. Tumors

7. Which of the following standards establishes permissible noise levels for the workplace?

A. Occupational Noise Exposure
B. Hazard Communication Standard
C. Personal Protective Equipment
D. Medical Services and First Aid

8. An organization would like to bid on a project, but they don’t have enough employees available to complete the work. The organization approaches a competitor with the opportunity to partner on the project to win the work. What type of risk response is used in this instance?

A. Mitigation
B. Transference
C. Enhancing
D. Sharing

9. Which of the following standards is the most frequently cited type of OSHA violation?

A. Whistle-blower
B. Maritime
C. Construction
D. Agriculture

10. What is an employer’s responsibility when workplace conditions pose a threat to an unborn child?

A. Advise the employee of the potential threat, and allow the employee to make the decision.
B. Move the employee into a different job that does not pose a threat to the unborn child.
C. Do nothing. It is up to employees to protect their unborn children.
D. Allow only sterile employees to work in jobs that pose a threat to unborn children.

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