March 3, 2024

Here we provided recent HSE Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers. You can download up to date HSE exam Past Questions and Answers on this page. If you have been shortlisted for the exams, then do not hesitate to obtain and study latest HSE recruitment Past Questions. Doing this will boost your chances of passing the interview exam with a flying colour. The importance of this study material is that it helps you discover the most repeated questions in the past years. Not only that, correct answers have been provided so that you don’t have to go through the stress of finding them.

HSE Aptitude Test Past Questions

HSE exam is very important and must be taken seriously. It is recommended of you to download HSE interview past questions immediately, if you really want prepare effectively and pass the exam in the end. We have composed the samples below to give you an insight on what the past questions look like, and the format it takes.

About HSE

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is a general term for regulations, methods and processes designed to help protect workers, the environment and the public from harm. The methods and processes in HSE are learned through training and re-training of those exposed to hazards.

Samples of HSE Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

 1. Under which of the following situation are the facilities involved with hazardous waste are required to obtain an EPA identification number?

A. Transport regulated waste to permitted TSD facilities
B. Store more than 100kg of regulated waste
C. Generate more than 100kg per month of regulated waste
D. Treat more than 100kg per day of regulated waste

2. In order to display a “good faith” effort toward employee safety and health, all activities to eliminate workplace hazards should be _______________.

A. Documented in detail and updated
B. Approved by OSHA before implementation
C. Agreed upon by all building occupants
D. Recorded and sent to OSHA

3. Which of the following is not a type of information required on a typical MSDS?

A. Titles of personnel authorized to use the chemical
B. Precautionary, spill, leak, and clean up procedures
C. Potential for fire and/ or explosion
D. Safe handling procedures and controls

4. Which of the following is not a waste management regulations mandate that a company manages with reference to Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)?

A. Transport of waste for disposal
B. Storage of petroleum products underground
C. Generation of hazardous waste
D. Control of solid or nonhazardous waste

5. Which of the following part of a disaster plan is most critical?

A. Selection of alternative work sites
B. Knowing minimum resources needed to run the facility
C. Emergency internal communication procedures
D. Procedures to minimize losses

6. __________________ is legally responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the information on the uniform hazardous waste manifest.

A. The waste disposal firm
B. The transporter
C. The generator
D. The DOT inspector

7. Where are the Hazcom Specifics on a chemical’s properties, hazards and safe use given?

A. Material Safety Data Sheet
B. Hazardous assessment
C. DOT label
D. Written HAZCOM program

8. What should be done as a facility manager, when a personnel have developed symptoms associated with “sick building syndrome”?

A. Clean all carpet and dust
B. Investigate the HVAC system with in-house personnel
C. Vacuum the HVAC system’s duct work
D. Hire an indoor air quality consultant

9. In case of a chemical release that occurs on a property, the burden of notification and costs generally does not rests on __________________.

A. The owner of the property
B. The operator of the facility
C. The transporter of the materials
D. The neighboring property owners

10. _______________ holds the responsibility for maintaining all manifest records of hazardous waste transport and disposal rests.

A. Generator/ Owner
B. TSD operator
C. Property Manager
D. Transporter

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