Hamilton Lloyd & Associates Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

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Hamilton Lloyd & Associates Recruitment Past Questions

This page provides Hamilton Lloyd & Associates interview Past Questions for revision and learning purposes. The aim is to give shortlisted candidates the opportunity to be able to access relevant materials that will help improve their preparedness for the upcoming exams. Do not hesitate to download Hamilton Lloyd & Associates Recruitment Past Questions on this page immediately if you need the recent past questions.

About Hamilton Lloyd & Associates

 Hamilton Lloyd and Associates is a young and innovative boutique human resources firm, which is focused on offering personalized services to organizations across a diverse range of sectors. The Hamilton Lloyd process involves a deep understanding of the client’s organizational culture, strategic objectives and needs to ensure that a tailor-made solution is proffered.

Samples of Hamilton Lloyd & Associates Past Questions

  1. A human resource manager has to perform __________.

A. Destructive functions
B. Constructive functions
C. Depleting functions
D. Managerial and operative functions

2. An organization acquires competitive edge over others because of its __________.

A. Owners
B. Employees
C. Customer
D. Competitors

3. Demand forecasting can not be done by which method

A. Quantitative
B. Superannuation
C. Qualitative
D. Regression

4. There are organizations which even today experience severe line-staff conflicts. Which of the following is/are the expectations and complaints of the line managers about the HR function? I. HR staff does not take up line authority. II. The HR function does not provide the right support. III. HR staff tries to steal the limelight. IV. HR staff does not see the whole picture as they have a very narrow view of issues.

A. Both (III) and (IV) above
B. Both (I) and (II) above
C. (II), (III) and (IV) above
D. Only (III) above

5. Formal and informal organizations basically define the path of communication and mode of information sharing and are part of a whole organization. Which of the following is/are false regarding formal organization? I. It is the defined set-up of roles for the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. II. The formal organization is the basic framework according to which the work flows. III. The rapport employees share in a formal organization may come handy when they have a common task. IV. Care should be taken when designing a formal organization, to ensure that no bottlenecks are created in the work flow.

A. Both (I) and (II) above
B. (I), (III) and (IV) above
C. Only (III) above
D. (I), (II) and (IV) above

6.Which one of the following points is not an objective of HRM?

A. Making optimal utilization of the skills and knowledge of the available employees
B. Forecasting the future requisitions of human resource and ensuring that there is no gap between their demand and supply
C. Making formal dress codes for the employees
D. Establishing and maintaining sound organizational structure and desirable working relationship among all the employees of the organization

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