Download MCCEE Past Questions and Answers | Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination

Download MCCEE Past Questions and Answers | Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination

Do you want to download MCCEE Past Questions and answers for Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination? If yes. then download up to date Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination past questions on this page.

1. Wrist drop, which nerve is affected?

a) median nerve

b) radial nerve

c) ulnar nerve

answer: b

2. Femur fracture with angulation, lower leg is pale, pulseless and cold, what’s the first management?

a) straighten the leg and traction

b) immediate operation

3. In designing a community prevention program, which one should be undertaken first?

a) obtain guarantee of funding

b) estimate the cost-benefit of intervention

c) quantify objectives

d) carry out a community needs assessment

e) formulate possible strategies of screening

answer: d

4. All can cause depression except:

a) cimetidine

b) corticosteroids

c) cephalosporines

answer: c

5. cricothyroidectomy is indicated for

a) foreign body in the trachea

b) severe facial injuries

c) C5-C6 spine injuries

6. child with yellow skin, which one is indication of carotenemia?

a) no discoloration of the sclera

7. Patient said his boss let him come to see u because he always cannot keep good relationship with his colleagues, he thinks his boss is harassing him, what’s the probable diagnosis?

a) borderline personality discorder

b) dependent personality discorder

c) schizotypal personality discorder

8. young lady with sudden onset right lower quadrant pain, pregnancy test is negative. Pelvic examination reveals 6cm severe tender right adnexal mass, diagnosis?

a) adnexal torsion

b) ruptured ovarian cyst

c) ectopic pregnancy

9. old patient referred by his dentist with white lesion in his mouth, management?

Answer: biopsy

10. old patient with whitish thickening lip, management?

a) biopsy

11. child bitten by some kind of insect came with symptoms of anaphylactic shock, management?

Answer: SC epinephrine

12. picture shown whitish lesions on the tongue (oral thrush) of an old woman after taking antibiotics for 10 days. Management?

a) mycostatin gurgle

b) coticosteroids

c) amphotericin

answer: a

13. all drugs r teratogenic except:

answer: heparin

14. typical senario of trigeminus neuralgia, what do u give?

Answer: carbamazepine

15. all of the following is true about incidence except:

a) estimate the risk of acquiring the disease in community

b) useful for etiology analysis for both acute and chronic diseases

answer: b

16. most common irritant for child asthma at home:

a) rugs

b) pets

c) plants

d) smoking

17. best diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis:

a) CT


c) serum amylase

answer: b

18. common symptom of cardial tamponade and pneumothorax:

a) hypotension

b) bradycardia

c) decreased venous pressure

answer: a

19. which of the folloing most suggests a pneumothorax?

a) deviation of trachea

b) paradoxical respiration

20. 30 y.o. female patient, her father has huntinton chorea, how big is the chance that she also has the disease?

Answer: 50%

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