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Are you searching to download Mandatory Continuing Professional Education MCPE past questions and answers? If yes, you arrived at the right place to obtain updated copies arranged into a PDF. The Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE past questions for MCPE exam category is available for all candidates that will be undergoing the professional examination.

Downloading Mandatory Continuing Professional Education past question papers is simple. Once your order has been made, you will receive the MCPE  study material in your email. You can as well download through WHATSAPP. Some of the sample questions are found below.

Free MCPE Past Questions and Answers

Study the free NSE past questions for MCPE exam category below.

1. During chaining along a straight line, the . leader of the party has 4 arrows in his hand while the follower has 6. Distance of the follower from the starting point is
a) 4 chains
b) 6 chains
c) 120 m
d) 180m
Ans: b

2. A metallic tape is made of
a) steel
b) invar
c) linen
d) cloth and wires
Ans: d

3. For a well-conditioned triangle, no angle should be less than
a) 20°
b) 30°
c) 45°
d) 60°
Ans: b

4. The angle of intersection of the two plane mirrors of an optical square is
a) 30°
b) 45°
c) 60°
d) 90°
Ans: b

5. The allowable length of an offset depends upon the
a) degree of accuracy required
b) method of setting out the perpendiculars and nature of ground
c) scale of plotting
d) all of the above
Ans: d

6. Which of the following angles can be set out with the help of French cross staff?
a) 45° only
b) 90° only
c) either 45° or 90°
d) any angle
Ans: c

7. Which of the following methods of offsets involves less measurement on the ground?
a) method of perpendicular offsets
b) method of oblique offsets
c) method of ties
d) all involve equal measurement on the ground
Ans: a

8. The permissible error in chaining for measurement with chain on rough or hilly ground is
a) 1 in 100
b) 1 in 250
c) 1 in 500
d) 1 in 1000
Ans: b

9. The correction for sag is
a) always additive
b) always subtractive
c) always zero
d) sometimes additive and sometimes subtractive
Ans: b

10. Cross staff is an instrument used for
a) measuring approximate horizontal angles
b) setting out right angles
c) measuring bearings of the lines
d) none of the above
Ans: b

How to Download MCPE Past Questions and Answers

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