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NIIT Recruitment Past Questions

Download Oracle Nigeria Past Questions and Answers on this page. Are you among the many Nigerians that will undergo the Oracle Nigeria aptitude test? If yes, You can now download Oracle aptitude test past questions on this page. The price for this material is just 1,500 Naira. 

Oracle Nigeria Interview questions and answers contains Verbal Reasoning, English Language, Information Management System (Computer) and General Knowledge/; Current Affairs.

Oracle Nigeria Past Questions

  1. The total age of A and B is 12 years more then the total age of B and C. C is how many years younger then A?
    a) C is elder then A
    b) 26.0
    c) 13.0
    d) 12.0
  2. The sum of the present ages of a father and his son is 60 years. Six years ago, the age of the father’s was five times the age of the son. What will be the age of the son After 6 years.
    a) 20 years
    b) 18 years
    c) 12 years
    d) 14 years
  3. A wizard says “I am only three times my son’s age. My father is 40 years more than twice my age. Together the three of us are a mere 1240 years old.” How old is he?

a) 240 years old.
b) 320 years old.
c) 360 years old.
d) 160 years old.

Oracle Interview Questions

4. 3.5 year ago the average age of A, B & C was 25 years and 7 years ago, the average age of B & C was 20 years. What is A’s present age ?
a) 34 years
b) 24 years
c) 40 years
d) 36 years

5. The current ages of three persons in proportions 4:7:9. Eight years ago, the sum of their ages was 56. Find their present ages (in years).
a) 20, 35, 45
b) 8, 20, 28
c) 16, 28, 36
d) None of these

6. A man is 24 years older then his son. In two years, his age will be twice the age of his son. The present age of the son is :
a) 22 years
b) 24 years
c) 26 years
d) 28 years

7. The age of father 10 years ago was 3 times the age of his son. Ten years hence, father’s age will be twice that of his son. Calculate the ratio of their present ages.
a) Sun Dec 31 09:02:00 UTC 1899
b) Sun Dec 31 13:04:00 UTC 1899
c) Sun Dec 31 07:03:00 UTC 1899
d) Sun Dec 31 05:02:00 UTC 1899

Oracle Nigeria Aptitude Test Past Questions

8. Mark is 24 years older than Chrissy. In two years, Mark age will be twice the age of Chrissy. What is the present age of Chrissy
a) 20 years
b) 22 years
c) 18 years
d) 14 years

9. Duke is younger than Sara by 7 years. If their ages are in the ratio of 7:9, Calculate the age of Duke.
a) 24.5 years
b) 18 years
c) 16 years
d) 28 years

10. Four years ago, the father’s age was three times the age of his son. Now the father and son after four years, will be 64 years. What is the father’s age at present?
a) Data inadequate
b) 36 years
c) 46 years
d) 35 years

How to Download Oracle Nigeria Exam Past Questions

To download Oracle Nigeria recruitment past questions, pay the sum of 1,500 naira to the account details provided below.

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After payment, send proof of payment, your email name of past question needed to us via 08100923529. You can also call if you need any assistance. 

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