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Get prepared for the interview exams with the help of NTA Recruitment Past Questions and answers. This is sure way to pass the exams. A great percentage of your success depends on this, that’s why i recommend you to get this ebook. Are interested in knowing questions and likely to repeat in the exams? If yes, then this ebook has what you are looking for.

Benefits of NTA Recruitment Past Questions

One of the benefit for studdying NTA past questions is that you will get to know the nature of the exams. For example, the number of questions that are usually asked during the interview exams.

Another thing you stand to benefit is that you will become familiar with most questions that repeated in the past years. Who knows how many of them will repeat again in the coming exams, so with the help of this ebook, you get to know those kinds of questions when they come up again.

Thirdly, you stand to improve your cognitive ability when you study past questions. You become open to new information and the things you never knew before.

Why you need to study this ebook

With this ebook, you will be placed at a high chance to pass the exams. Studying with our resources will help you a lot. That’s why it is recommeded of you to study this ebook.

How to Download NTA Job Interview Past Questions

To download this ebook, follow the steps below.

  • Chat our admin on whatsapp with the number  or call => 08100923529
  • Make a request for the past questions you need by sending the name of the past question in question.
  • Once you do so we shall respond to your message immediately while we verify that you have made purchase for the past question you are requesting for.
  • Once your payment has been confirmed, the past questions you ordered will be delivered to you immediately. That takes 5-10minutes.
  • Finally, send us your desired email for delivery, and also a proof of payment for the past questions

How to Make Purchase for your Desired Past Question ebook

It is important to note the following:

  • Transfer is accepted
  • Bank deposit is accepted
  • Payment through POS is accepted

The price for this ebook is 2,000 Naira. Pay two thousand to the account details below. After payment has been completed, send the details required in the section above. A proof of payment is needed after payment has been made to purchase the ebook.

Bank Name: GT Bank

Account Number: 08100923529


Steps to take after Payment has been made:

Once you have made payment for your desired past questions, please send the following details to our admin through 08100923529. You can do so through whatsApp or as a text message.

  • Depositors name or screen shot of payment receipt
  • Name of past question needed.
  • Email address for delivery.

Past Question Samples:

1. Africans were first elected to the legislative council in British West Africa in
A) Sierra Leone
B) The Gambia
C) Ghana
D) Nigeria

2. In which geo-political zone of Nigeria is Plateau state located?
A) North east
B) North west
C) North central
D) South south

3.Which of these was the main organ of the defunct OAU?
A) The Assembly of Heads of State and Government
B) The Council of Ministers
C) The Liberation Committee
D) The Commission for Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration



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