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Welcome to the best resource for you online NSCDC past questions and answers PDF download. This page provides Civil Defence past questions and answers for you so search no more. If you have been looking for a web page to download the real and up to date Civil Defence past questions and answers, then you are at the right place. On this page NSCDC past question PDF is provided for you, which you will download to your email and whatsapp. Also, on this page, you will be exposed to free NSCDC past questions. 

Since last year, candidates who applied for Civil Defence recruitment have been wondering when the screening interview will come up. On the other hand, candidates who are still expecting a date to be fixed are also eager to study past questions that will equip them for the aptitude test when ever it comes. In a bid to make materials like this available, we compiled Civil Defence past questions for candidates who shall be taking the screening exams. As regarding the date for the NSCDC exams, a date has not ye been fixed for it. This page provides NSCDC recruitment past questions and answers in PDF soft copies.

To ace NSCDC aptitude test requires serious preparation. However, with NSCDC aptitude test past questions which this page offers, you can be well guaranteed of success. Getting this ebook is simple. Few steps will be shown to you on how to download the complete ebook on this page.

Given the very best resources from where NSCDC past questions are compiled, you can get the original questions and answers which will help improve your chances of success in the exams.The preparatory pack for NSCDC exams are compiled from past examinations of the NSCDC. Search no more for NSCDC recruitment past questions, as they are available on this page for download.

NSCDC Past Questions

Get access to all the exam questions and answers obtained from past examination of the NSCDC. This ebook will expose you to repeated question that may likely appear in the coming exams. Also, you will access questions and answers from sessions in Maths, English Language, Current affairs. Studying this questions makes you become familiar with them as well as their answers too. This is in-turn gives you an edge over passing the exams at ease.

How to Download NSCDC Past Question Complete ebook

To download this ebook, follow the steps below.

  • Chat our admin on whatsapp with the number  or call => 08100923529
  • Make a request for the past questions you need by sending the name of the past question in question.
  • Once you do so we shall respond to your message immediately while we verify that you have made purchase for the past question you are requesting for.
  • Once your payment has been confirmed, the past questions you ordered will be delivered to you immediately. That takes 5-10minutes.
  • Finally, send us your desired email for delivery, and also a proof of payment for the past questions

How to Make Purchase for your Desired Past Question Papers

It is important to note the following:

  • Transfer is accepted
  • Bank deposit is accepted
  • Payment through POS is accepted

The price for this ebook is 2,000 Naira. Pay two thousand to the account details below. After payment has been completed, send the details required in the section above. A proof of payment is needed after payment has been made to purchase the ebook.

Bank Name: GT Bank

Account Number: 08100923529


Steps to take after Payment has been made:

Once you have made payment for your desired past questions, please send the following details to our admin through 08100923529. You can do so through whatsApp or as a text message. Afert confimation and verification, the past question will be delivered to you in 5 minutes.

  • Depositors name or screen shot of payment receipt
  • Name of past question needed.
  • Email address for delivery.

Past Questions Samples:

1. Which of the following condition can deprive a Nigerian of his or her citizenship?
A) If married to a foreign national
B) If one holds a dual citizenship
C) If convicted of armed robbery
D) If one buses the National flag

2. Which of the following was in existence before the outbreak of the second world war
A) the commonwealth of nations
B) the UNO
C) the OAU
D) the League of Nations

3. In what year did Nigeria became a republic?
A) october 1, 1963
B) october 1, 1960
C) may 29, 1999
D) january 1, 1966

Why you need to download and study NSCDC Past Questions

It can’t be over emphasized that succeeding in any given exams require serious preparation. This ebook helps you to study, and also revise for your exams. The benefits of Civil Defence past questions are very numerous. Below are the things you benefit when you get this ebook.

  • Your cognitive ability will be improved.
  • Your verbal reasoning will be improved too.
  • Your numerical skills will be boosted.
  • You will be grounded on general knowlege and so on.

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