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Do you need the Nigerian Society of Engineers NSE past questions and answers. If yes, you are at the right place to download up to date past questions for the forth coming CBT examination of the NSE 2021. The Nigerian Society of Engineers past question papers consist of Part A, which is (objective test), Part B, which is (Computer test theory & OBJ), Part C which is (Essay). It is worthy to note that answers have been provided also, for some of the questions (not all) on this material. The sections contained on the NSE exam past questions are:

  • Food & Agric Group

  • Computer Group

  • Electrical Group

  • Mechanical Group

  • Civil Group

  • Process Group

About The Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), is the umbrella organization for the Engineering Profession in Nigeria. The Society looks after the professional needs of members through well structured programmes and regular interactions among the different cadre of membership, enhancing high professional standard and ethical practices.

Free NSE Past Questions

The free samples of NSE past questions are just a few extract from the complete material. After studying these samples, proceed to make purchase for the complete material The samples are:

1 . The softness or hardness of a grinding wheel depends upon the type & amount of bonding material used. For general purpose cutter grinding __________ grinding wheel is normally used.
A. hard
B. soft
C. silicon carbide
D. aluminium oxide

2 . Tin based white metals are used, where bearings are subjected to
A. high pressure & load.
B. low pressure & load.
C. high temperature.
D. large surface wear.

3 . Friction factor for fluid flow in pipe does not depend upon the
A. pipe length.
B. pipe roughness.
C. fluid density & viscosity.
D. mass flow rate of fluid.

6 . Fog is an example of colloidal system of
A. solid dispersed in gas.
B. solid dispersed in liquid.
C. liquid dispersed in gas.
D. gas dispersed in liquid.

7. Chromium molybdenum steel can not be welded using __________ welding.
A. thermit
B. electrical resistance
C. oxy-acetylene
D. any of these

8. Which capacitor-store higher amount of energy?
A. Air capacitor
B. Paper capacitor
C. Mica capacitor
D. Plastic film capacitor

9. In paramagnetic materials
A. permanent magnetic dipoles exist but the interaction between neighbouring dipoles is negligible
B. permanent magnetic dipole do not exist
C. permanent magnetic dipoles exist and the interaction between neighbouring dipoles is very strong
D. permanent magnetic dipole moment may or may not exist

10. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
A. For thin structures subjected to wetting and drying, the water cement ratio should be 0.45
B. For mass concrete structures subjected to wetting and drying, the water ratio should be 0.55
C. For thin structures which remain continuously under water, the water-cement ratio by weight should be 0.55
D. All the above.

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