March 3, 2024

Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020 Application Form Portal

Here i will show all important information you need to know about Nigerian Navy recruitment 2020/2021 application form. You will also find out what it takes to apply, who is eligible to apply, what qualifications are required and how to apply all for free. Keep reading to find out latest news about Nigerian Navy 2020 recruitment.

The Nigerian Navy is the water wing of the Nigerian military. It is saddled with the responsibility of providing security on Nigeria’s water space. The force is widely considered, within the country as the most prestigious and neat force with no meagre economic standing either. The above have always ensured that most school leavers jump at the chance to be a part of the force. The opportunitties which the force affords its personnel is hardly matched by any other force, and considering that it recruits more personnel yearly than other forces except for the Nigerian Army and the Police force, applying for recruitment into the force and getting recruited is not as difficult as the other forces (immigration, customs) which do appeal to the Nigerian youths as the Navy. Find out details of relevant requirements for the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal 2020.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Application Requirements

Application for the Nigerian Navy recruitment was opened exclusively for the SSC and accordingly, applications were only sought from young Nigerians within the age bracket of 18 to 22 years, with O’level academic qualification and or trade certificate for artisans.

Application for the course was conducted through the Navy recruitment portal from which the various forms such as biodata, educational/ training, next of kin forms were completed and the required documents uploaded.

Latest Update on the Recruitment Exercise

Remember that the recruitment process commenced officially on the 11th of March 2020 and was to run till April 21, 2020. But then, we all know what transpired within that time and even a month beyond. Corona Virus came with its venoms and dosed virtually everything and everyone into a long lockdown. The lockdown had necessitated the Nigerian Navy to suspend the recruitment process till further notice. The lockdown had been effectively lifted, albeit partially since May ending and some other forces have since opened their recruitment portals. The Nigerian Police Force (NPF), the Nigerian Air Force, and now the Nigerian Army have all sought applications into the various forces through their respective online portals. However, the Navy recruitment portal had remained shut with the Covid-19 message welcoming anyone who visited.

However, the Nigerian Navy had published a notice on its official website that its 2020 Navy recruitment exercise has been stalled for reasons of public safety and national concerns, and this information was channelled to prospective candiates and the general public. The portal had been deactivated since then although it kept on opening. But recently, the portal has been totally deactivated which means whatever had been done is likely to be cancelled, and when the portal reopens, it would be an entirely fresh process. As such, applicants who had already completed their applications should have it at the back of their minds that they would likely be required to reapply along with those who had not been able to do so. With that eventuality in mind, everyone needs to be on the look out for further information from the Nigerian Navy on the new date which the recruitment process is scheduled to restart since there is presently, no official information to that end. But to be on the safe side, bookmarking this page would ensure that whatever update comes up, you would be just a click away from having it in its reliable best.

I hope you had all the information you needed about the Nigerian Navy recruitment. If you have anything you might want to let us know, please use the comment box below to drop your question or opinion.

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