Nigerian Airforce Common Entrance Past Questions and Answers

Search no more for NAF Common Entrance past questions and answers as the recently updated PDF versions are provided on this page for your download. The Nigerian Airforce Common Entrance Past Questions and Answers is provided on this page with the intention to help interested candidates succeed in the recruitment interview.

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Nigerian Airforce Common Entrance Past Questions and Answers

All candidates who registered for NAF 2020 recruitment are hereby recommended to download NAF Common Entrance past questions and answers provided on this page.  On this ebook, you will find questions and answers compiled from Mathematics, English Language and Current Affairs. That is to say that NAF past question papers include sections in;

  • Current Affairs
  • English &
  • Mathematics


NAF Common Entrance Past Questions

1. Whose photograph appears in the ₦1000 note
A) Clement Isong and Alh Tafawa Alewa
B) Clement Isong and Alh Aliyu Kingibe
C) Clement Isong and Aliyu Maibornu
D) Alh Maikingibe and Clement Effiong

2. Nigeria Federal Capital Territory shifted from Lagos to Abuja in what year?
A) 1991
B) 1989
C) 1990
D) 1992

3. The four British colonial territories in west africa were
A) Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Gambia
B) Gambia, Guinea, Ghana and Gabon
C) Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Nigeria
D) Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Gambia

4. _______ was the Chief Justice of Nigeria between 1995 and 2006.
A) Justice Idris Lagbo Kutigi
B) Justice Mohammad Lawal Uwais
C) Justice George Sodeinde Sowemimo
D) Justice Salihu Modibo Alfa Belgore
E) Justice Mohammed Bello

5. What is the meaning of CBT?
A) Computer Basic Technology
B) Computer Basic Test
C) Computer Based Test
D) All of the above

6. Nelson Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in
A) 1992
B) 1993
C) 1994
D) 1995
E) 1996

7. The June 12 Presidential Election was annulled by President Ibrahim Babangida on
A) June 12, 1993
B) June 14, 1993
C) June 18, 1993
D) June 23, 1993
E) June 27, 1993

8. FESTAC started in
A) October 1976
B) October 1978
C) November 1977
D) November 1978
E) June 1979

9. Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in
A) 2000
B) 2003
C) 2004
D) 2007
E) 2009

10. Kwara State belongs to the _______ geo-political zone in Nigeria.
A) South East
B) South West
C) North Central
D) North East
E) North West

How to Download NAF Past Questions

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How NAF Past Questions will be Delivered to You

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How to Proceed after Payment

Send the following details to 08100923529 either through whatsApp or as a text message. Once receieved an your payment is confirmed, you will recieve within 5 minutes.

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