Niger State CSC Past Questions | Niger State Civil Service Past Questions and Answers

Niger State CSC Past Questions: Niger State Civil Service Past Questions and Answers will make you a successful partaker in the 2021 Niger state civil service recruitment exercise. Do you wan to pass the screening examination that will be is scheduled to be held for Niger state civil service shortlisted candidates for 2021? If yes, then the past questions which is provided for you here will enable you go through past examination questions and answers. This gives you the opportunity to discover the nature of the exams and what to expect. You will also be exposed to those questions that are likely to repeat again in the coming examination. Most past questions of the Niger state civil service are repeated so, i urge you to seize the opportunity and download real Niger state civil service past questions which we have here.

About Niger State CSC Past Questions

Niger State CSC Past Questions and answers are the compilations of of Niger state civil service exam questions and answers of over the last three examination that was held. They are very comprehensive and relevant.

Niger State Civil Service Past Questions Samples

1. Which of the following groups fall into the Civil Service?
A) The police, the army, and the air force
B) Employees of NEPA, NNPC and NRC
C) Employees of ministries of finance, education and transportation
D) All of the above
2. The recruitment or appointment of the permanent secretary is one of the duties of:
A) The federal public service commission
B) The state civil service commission
C) The executive
D) The National Assembly
3. In the organizational structure of the ministry or government department, offices and positions are:
A) Hierarchically arranged
B) Diagonally arranged
C) Secretly arranged
D) Haphazardly arranged
4. The government maintains monopoly over certain services for:
A) Selfish reasons
B) Security and strategic reasons
C) Undisclosed reasons
D) All of the above

5. Ministers of local government and chieftancy affairs were abolished in Nigeria by:
A) General Yakubu Gowon
B) General Murtala Mohammed
C) President Ibrahim Babangida
D) General Olusegun Obasanjo
6. Policy analysis, policy implementation and plan setting are some of the functions of:
A) The legislature
B) The executive
C) The local government
D) The civil service
7. Public corporations can be controlled through:
A) Riots
B) Public opinion
C) Civil disobedience
D) None of the above
8. The general supervision of a public corporation is carried out by the:
A) Board of directors
B) Board of trustees
C) Managing director
D) Secretary of the board
9. The local government in Nigeria is created to:
A) Create more civil service jobs
B) Encourage competition and rivalry among communities
C) Bring the government nearer to the people
D) Prevent the creation of more states
10. The Civil Service embraces all workers in:
A) All private corporations
B) Public and private companies
C) Government ministries
D) Public corporations

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Vacancies for Niger State 2021 Civil Service Recruitment

S/NO Post Qualification
1 Accountants B. Sc. (Accounting)
2 Administrator B. Sc. or B.A. (Political Science or History or Sociology or Public Admin or Business Admin)
3 Assistant Dental Technologist HND (Dental Technology) Plus Registration
4 Agricultural Scientist B. Sc. or B. Tech (General Agriculture)
5 Architects M. Sc. or M. Tech (Architecture)
6 Assistant Education Officer NCE with TRCN
7 Biomedical Technician Dipoma (Biomedical Engineering)
8 Biomedical Technologist/Scientist B. Sc. or B. Tech or HND (Biomedical Engineering)
9 Computer Engineer B. Eng or B. Tech (Computer Engineering)
10 Dental Surgeons MBBS Plus Registration
11 Dental Therapist HND Plus Registration
12 Economist B. Sc. (Economics)
13 Education Officer B. Ed. or B. Sc. Ed. or B. Sc. or B. Tech Plus PGDE with TRCN
14 Engineers B. Eng or B. Tech (Civil or Electrical or Mechanical)
15 Lawyers LLB Plus BL
16 Medical Consultant MBBS Plus Fellowship Qualification
17 Medical Laboratory Scientist BMLS Plus Registration
18 Medical Laboratory Technician 3 Years Course in Medical Laboratory Science) Plus Registration
19 Medical Officer MBBS Plus House Job and NYSC
20 Medical Record Officer HND (Health Information Management) Plus Registration
21 Medical Record Technician 3 Years Course in Health Information Management Plus Registation
22 Nursing Officer B.Sc. (Nursing) Plus Registration
23 Optometrist MBBS
24 Pharmacist B.Sc. Pharmacy plus Registration
25 Pharmacist Technician 3 Years in Pharmacy Technician Plus Registratiion
26 Physiotherapist B. Sc. (Physiotherapy) Plus Registration
27 Programmer/Analyst B. Sc or B. Tech (Computer Science)
28 Quantity Surveyor B. Sc. or B. Tech (Quantity Surveying)
29 Radiographer B. Sc. or B. Tech (Radiography) Plus Registration
30 Scientific Officer B. Sc or B. Tech (Microbiology or Biochemistry or Biology)
31 Staff Nurse/Staff Midwife NRN or NRM Plus Registration with MNCN
32 Town Planner/Urban & Regional Planner B. Sc. or B. Tech (URP), BURP
33 Water Engr/Water Resources Engr B. Eng or B. Tech (Water Engineering or Water Resources Engineering)
34 X-Ray Technician Diploma (Radiography) Plus Registration

About Niger State CSC

The Niger State Civil Service Commission was established under the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Its powers are in accordance with the provision of Paragraph (I) of Part II of the third schedule which says “The Commission shall have power without prejudice to the power vested in the Governor and State Judicial Service Commission to:

  • Appoint persons to offices in the state civil service and
    Dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding such offices.
  • Other areas covered by the Commission include:
  • Promotions
  • Contract appointments
  • Transfer of service, Secondment and De-secondment
  • Serving as an appellate body for petitions from Ministries/Departments
  • Maintaining comprehensive and up to date personnel records for the civil service
  • Implementing any civil service reforms
  • Monitoring activities of Ministries and extra Ministerial departments in order to ensure compliance with guidelines, uniformity and maintenance of standards in the implementation of reforms.


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