Human Resource Management (HRM) Aptitude Test Past Questions for Job Interview and Assessment Test Exam

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This page provides the most comprehensive Human Resource Management HRM aptitude test past questions and answers for Human Resource Manager job interview. An aspiring candidates for a job interview can download from our most reliable and up to date Human Resource Manager past questions. Our product is very detailed and updated. A candidate who intends to undergo an interview exam anyway, for HRM job position can download from this page. Our HRM job interview past questions and answers are compiled from more than 20 high class/ reputable companies and organizations around the world.  There is no how you study these past questions and fail your job interview. Also, you should be able to score distinctive marks that set you most qualified for the job. The human resource manager assessment test questions and answers which we provide covers the following Human Resource Management areas. They include:

HRM Aptitude Test Past  Questions Area of Coverage

  1. Human Resources Manager Mock Test
  2. Behavioral Interview Techniques Questions
  3. Career Planning Test
  4. Compensation Management Test
  5. Conducting Interview Questions
  6. CSR Test
  7. Employee Engagement Test
  8. Employee Rewards Test
  9. HR as Business Partner Questions
  10. HR Competency
  11. HR Misc Questions
  12. Human Resources Change Management Test
  13. Interview Preparation Questions
  14. Learning and Development Test
  15. Organization and HR Test
  16. Performance Appraisal Test
  17. Recruitment Test Questions
  18. Screening Applicants Questions
  19. Selecting Candidate Questions
  20. Strategic HR Planning Test
  21. Strategic HR Test
  22. Talent Retention Test
  23. Technical Manpower Management Questions
  24. Training and Development Test
  25. Certificate in Industrial Relations
  26. Compensation and Benefits Manager
  27. Conflict Management
  28. Emotional Intelligence Questions
  29. Employee and Labor Relations
  30. Gender Equality Awareness
  31. HR Analytics
  32. HR Audit
  33. HR Business Partner
  34. HR Compliance
  35. HR Staffing
  36. Human Resources Manager
  37. Instructional Designer
  38. Interviewing and Hiring
  39. Learning and Development Questions
  40. Organisational Behaviour
  41. Payroll Manager
  42. Performance Appraisal
  43. Prevention of Sexual Harassment
  44. Recruiting and Retention Strategies
  45. Risk Management in HR
  46. Talent Acquisition
  47. Talent Management Basics
  48. Talent Management Test
  49. Train The Trainer
  50. Training and Development Management Questions

Human Resource Manager Study Guide

With the official HRM study guide, you can stand interview of any kind and from anywhere in the world. There basically more than 2,000 questions from this guide and contains questions dated way back 10 years ago and also inclusive of this year. You cannot afford to miss this opportunity if you aspire to join the Human Resource (HR) department of any organization or company. This study pack will help you pass any HR exam whatsoever, anywhere in the world, and also in any firm, industry, company, or organization. Download HR aptitude test past questions and you won’t regret you did. Some samples of our HR past questions can be found below. Ace your exam with Human Resource Manager interview questions and answers. Download the complete Human Resource Manager past questions from this page. All available for over 50 HRM categories.

Free Samples of HRM Aptitude Test Past Questions for Job Interview

1. What is an advantage of using a performance measurement system
a) align strategic activities to the strategic plan
b) All of these
c) identify best practices in an organization
d) selecting what business process improvements to make first
2. What crucial point does an interviewee should keep in mind
a) Be detailed
b) Develop stories to illustrate the past performance
c) All of these
d) Be specific
3. International Human Resource Management is the management of the human resources of an organization in the context of international business. Which of the following dimension(s) constitute the model of international HRM by Morgan? I. There are two broad categories of HR activities, which encompass the extra activities of human resource management. II. There are three national or country classifications involved in the international business of the organization, the home country where the company has its headquarters or corporate office, the host country in which a subsidiary may be located and “other” countries which can be sources of finance or labor. III. The three categories of employees of a global company are the parent-country nationals (PCNs), the host country nationals (HCNs) and the third-country nationals (TCNs).

a) Both (I) and (II) above
b) Both (II) and (III) above
c) Both (I) and (III) above
d) Only (I) above
4. Which element of an organizational strategy, provides a framework of what activities the organization will take
a) mission statement
b) None of these
c) Strategic goals statement
d) vision statement
5. Whose theory of career choice concludes that differences in early childhood experience get reflected in later choice of occupation
a) Nicola Tesla
b) Mossberg
c) Heisenberg
d) Anne Roe
6. Which stage takes place in the career of an individual around the age of 40?
a) Establishment
b) Mid Career
c) Decline
d) Exploratory
7. How many steps are involved in implementing Human Resource Information System?
a) 15
b) 14
c) 10
d) 5
8. What characteristic describes a talented individual
a) shows a high potential
b) Both A and B
c) high performance
d) None of the above
9. Which of the following is not one of the 7 C’s of communication?
a) conciseness
b) character
c) correctness
d) clarity
10. Which of the following model entails to creating an environment that facilitates a continuous and two-way exchange of information between the superiors and the subordinates?
a) High involvement management model
b) None of these
c) High commitment management model
d) High performance management model

How to Download HRM Official Study Guide & Human Resource Management Interview Past Questions for Job Aptitude Test

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