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Download CPN Past Questions PDF | Computer Professional Examination past questions and answers. Free CPRCN past questions and answers PDF. You can download CPN professional certificate exam past questions, CPN foundation certificate past questions and CPN user certificate past questions on this page.

CPN Examination Past Questions

The Computer Professional Examination (CPE) is designed with the aim of developing and nurturing the potentials of Nigerian youths and adults alike that are interested in making a career out of Information Technology.

The examination has different entry points, depending on the candidate&rsquos background. Candidates with less than five ordinary level credits have their entry points, from which they can gradually move up, while those with five credits and higher qualifications also have their entry points too.

The examination has been structured such that candidates who want to exit from the examination at any stage or level, for whatever reason, can do so and still have a certificate to show for the skill and knowledge acquired. Every stage or level of the examination has a corresponding recognition approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Graduates of the examination are expected to be industry-ready and employable, and will enjoy similar status and benefits like graduates of other professional bodies like ICAN, CIBN, COREN etc.

The examination will also enable candidates from accredited Computer Training Institutions spread all over the country have the opportunity of regularizing the value of the qualifications from these schools. This examination is a litmus test for the quality of training from such schools. The examination is an opportunity to acquire qualifications from a nationally-recognized professional body.

There are 7 Levels of Certification that are divided into 3 distinct Categories as follows:

  Category Certification
A Users 1.1 CPN Literacy Certificate I (CLC I)
    1.2 CPN Literacy Certificate II (CLC II)
B Pre-Professional 2.1 CPN Foundation Certificate I (CFC I)
    2.2 CPN Foundation Certificate II (CFC II)
C Professional 3.1 CPN Professional Certificate I (CPC I)
    3.2 CPN Professional Certificate II (CPC II)
    3.3 CPN Professional Certificate III (CPC III)

Level 01- Users

The User Category is structured into 2 levels, as follows:

  • CPN Literacy Certificate I (CLC I) to certify everyone regardless of academic background as being able to perform and undertake basic tasks and activities.
  • CPN Literacy Certificate II (CLC II), with specializations to accommodate many possibilities for technical support services to IT professionals.

Level 02- Pre-Professional Category

There are 2 levels in this category.

  • CPN Foundation Certificate I
  • CPN Foundation Certificate II

Level 03- Professional Category

The CPN Professionals Certificate (CPC) examinations are also structured into four (4) tracks with expertise specializations in the following areas

  • CPC – Multimedia Technology (MMT)
  • CPC – Computer Information Systems (CIS)
  • CPC – Software Engineering (SEN), and
  • CPC – Computer Engineering (CEN)
  • CPC – Telecommunication and Network Security (TNS)

The CPN professional exam past questions are available for the following categories of the Computer Professional Examination. They are:

  • CLC 
  • CFC
  • CAE
  • CPE

CPN Exam Past Questions PDF

The material you are about to download are up to date with questions and answers provided accordingly from 2015-2021. This material is available in PDF soft copy that will be sent to your email or whatsapp once order is made. This usually takes less than a minutes to download. Go through the free CPN exam past questions given below. This serves as samples extracted from the complete CPN study pack. After studying these free questions, you may proceed to make purchase for the complete material immediately.

CPN CPE Past Questions

1) All of the following statements concerning windows are true EXCEPT:
(A) toolbars and scrollbars are features of windows.
(B) windows are an example of a command-driven environment
(C) windows can be resized and repositioned on the desktop.
(D) more than one window can be open at a time.
Correct Answer: B

2) The operating system does all of the following EXCEPT:
(A) provide a way for the user to interact with the computer.
(B) enable users to perform a specific task such as document editing.
(C) manage memory and storage
(D) manage the central processing unit (CPU)
Correct Answer: B

3) ‘Blue tooth’ technology allows
(A) Satellite communication
(B) Signal transmission on mobile phones only
(C) Wireless communication between equipments
(D) Landline phone to mobile phone communication
Correct Answer: C

4) Which is the main working memory used by the computer?
(D) CD
Correct Answer: A

5) One of the Input device in computer is
(A) Keyboard
(B) Os
(C) Pen drive
(D) Cable
Correct Answer: A

6) The process of transferring files from a computer on the Internet to your computer is called
(A) Downloading
(C) Forwarding
(D) Uploading
Correct Answer: A

7) What is e-commerce?
(A) Buying and selling international goods
(B) Buying and selling products and services over the Internet
(C) Buying and selling products and services not found in stores
(D) Buying and selling computer products
Correct Answer: B

8) Which of the following is a correct format of Email address?
(B) care@website@com
Correct Answer: A

9) To open find window.
(A) F1
(B) F2
(C) F3
(D) F5
Correct Answer: D

10) You can move between two or more Excel files opened by using the
(A) ctrl + tab
(B) ctrl + page up
(C) ctrl + page down
(D) ctrl + F9
Correct Answer: A

CPN CAE Past Questions

11) When cutting and pasting, cutting section is temporarily stored in
(A) Dashboard
(B) Clipboard
(C) Hard drive
(D) Diskette
Correct Answer: B

12) Which of the following is used for close a tab on a browser?
(A) Ctrl + Y
(B) Ctrl + A
(B) Ctrl + W
(D) Ctrl + T
Correct Answer: C

13) What type of software creates a smaller file that is faster to transfer over the Internet?
(A) Compression
(B) Fragmentation
(C) Encapsulation
(D) Unzipped
Correct Answer: A

14) Which computer memory is used for storing programs and data currently being processed by the CPU?
(A) Internal memory
(B) Mass memory
(C) Non-volatile memory
Correct Answer: A

15) What does HTTP stands for?
(A) Head Tail Transfer Protocol
(B) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
(C) Hypertext Transfer Plotter
(D) Hypertext Transfer Plot
Correct Answer: B

16) The term ‘Pentium’ is related to
(B) Hard Disk
(C) Microprocessor
(D) Mouse
Correct Answer: C

17) All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT:
(A) Viruses
(B) Hackers
(C) Spam
(D) Identity theft.
Correct Answer: C

18) The difference between people with access to computers and the Internet and those without this access is known as the:
(A) digital divide.
(B) Internet divide.
(C) cyberway divide.
(D) Web divide
Correct Answer: A

19) Who is father of modern computers?
(A) Abraham Lincoln
(B) James Gosling
(C) Charles Babbage
(D) Gordon E. Moore
Correct Answer: C

20)________ controls the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer.
(A) The operating system
(B) The motherboard
(C) The platform
(D) Application software
Correct Answer: A

CPN CFC Past Questions

21) The binary system uses powers of
(A) 2
(B) 10
(C) 8
(D) 16
(E) None of the above
Correct Answer: A

22) Which of the following computer language is used for artificial intelligence?
(C) C
(E) None of the above
Correct Answer: B

23) What difference does the 5th generation computer have from other generation computers?
(A) Technological advancement
(B) Scientific code
(C) Object Oriented Programming
(D) All of the above
(E) None of the above
Correct Answer: A

24) The brain of any computer system is
(B) Memory
(D) Control unit
(E) None of the above
Correct Answer: C

25) A computer assisted method for the recording and analyzing of existing or hypothetical systems is
(A) Data transmission
(B) Data flow
(C) Data capture
(D) Data processing
(E) None of the above
Correct Answer: B

26) The first page of a website is regarded as homepage or_______
(A) front page
(B) Index page
(C) thumb page
(D) first page
Correct Answer: B

27) Which of these does not conform to the sections on a keyboard?
(A) Numeric Keys
(B) Special Keys
(C) Numero-special keys
(D) Function Keys
Correct Answer: C

28) A computer stores information on its__________?
(A) Rides
(B) Drives
(C) Slides
(D) Prides
Correct Answer: B

29) 1 byte equals to ________ bits.
(A) 10
(C) 8
(B) 4
(D) 9
Correct Answer: C

30) Core duo type processor entails that the processor processors ____ times the existing one.
(A) 4
(B) 2
(C) 7
(D) 3
Correct Answer: B

CPN CLC Past Questions

31) The windows key opens and closes the start menu on a computer.
(A) True
(B) False
Correct Answer: A

32) It is very essential to place your computer in the following environment except
(A) Good Ventilation environment
(B) Clean environment
(C) Non vibrating environment
(D) Water logged environment
Correct Answer: D

33) Automation is the use of machines, control systems and information to increase productivity and profit in an organization.
(A) False
(B) True
Correct Answer: A

34) A sequence of instructions written to perform a specific task is called?
(A) Networks
(B) Instrumentation
(C) Robotics
(D) Program
Correct Answer: D

35) Without launching the internet explorer, __________ can also be used to send and receive e-mails.
(A) Ms. Access
(B) Ms. Outlook
(C) Ms. Word
(D) Ms. FrontPag
Correct Answer: B

36) All of these are anti-viruses except.
(A) Nothing
(B) Kaperskey
(C) Avast
(D) Norton
Correct Answer: A

37) The computer is designed to work with a type of information, this type of information is regarded as _________?
(A) Numbers
(B) Data
(C) Alphabets
(D) Alpha-Numeric
Correct Answer: B

38) iTunes work with which of the following type of data
(A) Video data
(B) Audio data
(C) Graphics data
(D) Audio Visual data
Correct Answer: B

39) What does wi-fi means?
(A) Wireless Frequency
(B) Wired Files
(C) Wireless Fidelity
(D) Wired Flow
Correct Answer: C
40) Which of these computer state depicts an efficient energy and minimal power mode.
(A) Log Off
(B) Restart
(C) Shut down
(D) Hibernate/ sleep mode
Correct Answer: D

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