March 2, 2024

CIPS Past Questions | Download Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Past Questions

Download the comprehensive CIPS past questions and answers for your exam preparation. The CIPS exam past questions is available in PDF soft copy for download. CIPS study pack contains level 1, 2, 3, and 4 exam questions. If you are searching for Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply past questions, then you are the right place to obtain original copies.

Number of Questions to Expect in CIPS Exams

CIPS exams is split into the OR and CR category. OR which stands for Objective Response comprise of 60 questions and the time allowed for CIPS OR exams is 90 minutes. This exam will be taken  inform of a Computer Base Test (CBT).

The second Exam category for CIPS exams is CR which stands for Constructed Response. Time allotted for CR exam is usually 3 hours, which is about 180 minutes. It is possible that the exam may come in pen on paper form or all CBT. You will be required to attempt 4 questions. Questions are meant to be subjective in nature hence, student will be required to write out answers in detail and also discussing or given explanations to the questions given.

Available Study Packs for CIPS – Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Past Questions

  • L4M1 – Scope and Influence of Procurement and Supply
  • L4M7 – Whole Life Asset Management
  • L4M6 – Supplier relationships
  • L4M5 – Commercial Negotiations
  • L4M3 – Commercial Contracting
  • L4M2 – Defining Business Needs

How to Download Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply CIPS Past Questions

This material cost the sum of 3,000 naira to download the complete PDF material for CIPS study guide. To download CIPS exam past questions, make payment to the account details below.

Bank Name: Sterling Bank

Account Number: 0073590971

Account Name: Uduakobong Clement James

Procedures to take after Payment

Send the required details below to the contact person via 08100923529. You can call first to place order.

  1. Proof of payment (Depositors name or screen shot of payment receipt)
  2. Email
  3. Name of past questions needed.

Samples of CIPS Past Questions

Which procurement process step, involves the department to communicate with the suppliers on delivery dates and payment conditions in order to ensure “on-time” delivery of the ordered items within the stated project budget
A. Specification
B. Control
C. Selection
D. Contracting

What does common variation is often referred to as, in SQC
A. statistical variation
B. deviated variation
C. skewed variation
D. common variation

What term refers to equipment, holding an economic value which are not damaged, but are not useful
A. Scrap
B. None of these
C. Surplus
D. Obsolete

How many types does usually, the lead time in manufacturing activity is divided into
A. 3.0
B. 5.0
C. 2.0
D. 4.0

Which inventory systems have been replaced by MRP
A. reactive
B. Depends upon product in consideration
C. Depends upon the level of technological adaptation
D. planning

What is the objective of using the control chart
A. detect the causes of nonconformity
B. determine how to recreate the process
C. evaluate process performance over time
D. determine if the process is performing within specifications

What refers to vertical dependency
A. Demand for an item is linked directly to another
B. Depends upon product in consideration
C. demand is to build a subassembly
D. demand for an item is not related to the demand for another

What is not an example of globally sourced products or services
A. IT work performed by low-cost programmers in India
B. None of these
C. call centers staffed with low-cost English speaking workers in the Philippines
D. labor-intensive manufactured products produced using low-cost Chinese labor

Which supplier selection method, involves purchasing manager establish a list of factors (with equal importance) for evaluation purposes and assigns a grade (plus, minus, and neutral) that measures supplier performance in each of the established areas and after an overall group rating, a positive evaluation in terms of a composite score may lead to increased business for a supplier
A. categorical method
B. weighted-point method
C. cost-ratio method

Which principle of material planning, states the requirement of an operation sequence and equipment layout to optimize material flow
A. Space
B. Simplification
C. Material Flow
D. Gravity

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