ABSUTH School Of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

ABSUTH School Of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

If you have interest in the ABSUTH School of Nursing past questions, then you are in the right place place to download the material. On this page, the past questions are compiled for different years along with the answers into an ebook for download. Considering the fact that you might want to see some samples  first, some questions are provided below as samples for you to have a look.

Sample of ABSUTH School Of Nursing Past Questions

1. The following are abiotic components of an ecosystem except
A) temperature
B) oxygen
C) bacteria
D) soil

2. Sodium hydrogen should be stored in properly closed containers because it
A) readily asborbs water vapour to air
B) is easily oxidize by atmospheric oxygen
C) turns golden yellow when exposed to light
D) melts at a low temperature

3. The phenomenon of photoelectric effect is NOT used in
A) automatic doors
B) bimetallic strip thermometers
C) light meters in cameras
D) setting off burglar alarms
E) sound production from film tracks.

4. Use the information on capture-recapture method to calculate the total number of organisms in a habitat.
First capture = 20
Second capture = 120
Number of organisms with mark in second capture = 40
The total number of organisms therefore is
A) 200
B) 360
C) 600
D) 800

5. To make coloured glasses, small quantities of oxides of metals which form coloured silicates are often added to the reaction mixture consisting of Na2CO3 and SiO2. Such a metal is
A) pottasium
B) barium
C) zinc
D) copper

6. Which of the following is a percussion instrument?
A) bell
B) flute
C) guitar
D) piano
E) organ

7. Ecological investigation in a habitat includes the following procedures except
A) choosing a habitat
B) identification of specimens
C) determining the genetic makeup of specimens
D) measuring abiotic and biotic factors

8. Which of the following compounds gives a yellow residue when heated and also reacts with aqueous sodium hydroxide to give a white gelatinous precipitate soluble in excess sodium hydroxide solution?
A) (NH4)CO3
B) ZnCO3
C) Al2(SO4)3
D) PbCO3

9. A transformer supplies 12V when connected to a 240V mains. If the transformer takes 0.120A from the mains when used to light a 12V, 24W lamp, what is its efficiency?
A) 57.20%
B) 66.60%
C) 83.30%
D) 92.50%

10. Which of the following substances when lost from the body of a mammal will not be returned to the ecosystem?
A) Sweat
B) Urea
C) Heat energy
D) Carbon dioxide

ABSUTH School Of Nursing Past Questions

This ebook is available PDF format and would be delivered through electronic media to you; could be via email or whatsapp. Performing well in any exams requires hard work, but hard work alone might not be good enough without channeling it to the right places and resources. As such, you could be reading day night but what you are reading is not what you need. You’d need to focus on specific areas of importance, especially in these exams, if you wish to perform well. The said focus is what this ebook would afford you. It would help you know what areas to concentrate more, how the examiners usually ask the questions, and you can be sure to see many of the past questions repeating in the exams.

Subject combination for ABSUTH School of Nursing Entrance Examination

• English
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Physics

How to download:

To download the ebook, please kindly follow these procedures:
The ebook costs 2000 Naira only and this money could be paid via bank transfer or bank deposit to the following account:
Bank Name: GT Bank
Account Number: 0523296040
Account Name: Mkponkeabasi James
How to proceed after payment:
After making the payment, kindly forward these details:
• Depositors name or screen shot of payment receipt for whatsapp users
• Amount Paid
• Email Address
To 08100923529 either through whatsapp or via SMS.As soon as the payment is verified and reconciled with the sent details, you would receive the ebook just about immediately.

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