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CIIN Past Questions

Download latest CIIN past questions and answers on this page for Diploma Level, Foundation Stage, Intermediate Level, Advance Level and Certificate Examination up to 2021. The CIIN professional examination past questions are available for all levels and categories of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) examination. Glad to inform you that the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria CIIN exam past questions and answers are authentic and has been gathered from candidates who wrote the past exam papers over the years. In addition to that, we have been able to provide solutions too, with the help of brilliant students and tutors in the CIIN professional exam academia.

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  • Proof of payment (e.g: depositors name or screen shot of payment receipt)
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CIIN Exam Past Questions and Answers

If you are searching for materials that will help you prepare and also pass CIIN examination, then you are lucky to be here. I recommend you to download CIIN exam papers on this page and success is a guaranty for you. We deliver instantly to your email or whatsapp. Let’s take your order immediately.

Proof of CIIN Past Questions PDF Availability 

CIIN Past Questions

CIIN Past Questions

You can now download the latest CIIN professional exam past questions and answers as updated copies are available on this page for download. Please note that past questions are available in PDF and will be sent to you as a PDF. You can download for any of the exam categories or level below

Foundation Stage 

♦ Intermediate Level 

♦ Diploma Level 

♦ Advance Level 

♦ Certificate Level 

List of CIIN Professional Exam past questions Available for Download

  • CIIN – Marine and Aviation Insurance – D13

  • CIIN – Long Term Business – D12

  • CIIN – Personal Insurance Practice – D11

  • CIIN – Commercial Insurance Practice – D10

  • CIIN – Insurance Law (Compulsory) – D05

  • CIIN – Business Practice (Compulsory) – D04

  • CIIN – Insurance Legal and Regulatory F1

  • CIIN – General Insurance Business F2

  • CIIN – F3

  • CIIN – Business communication and Information technology F4

  • CIIN – Operational Management – D17

  • CIIN – Management – A935

  • CIIN – Company and Contract Law – A520

  • CIIN – Motor Insurance – A765

  • CIIN – Liability Insurance – A755

  • CIIN – Life Assurance (Compulsory) – A735

  •  CIIN – Financial and Accounting – A940

  •  CIIN – Business and Economics – A530

  •  CIIN – Principles of Property and Pecuniary Insurance (Compulsory) – A745

  •  CIIN – Marketing – A945

  • CIIN – Risk Management – A655

  • CIIN – Risk regulation and Capital Adequacy (Compulsory) – A510

  • CIIN – Insurance Broking – A930

  • CIIN – Application for Reinsurance – A825

  • CIIN – Principles of Reinsurance – A785

  • CIIN – Aviation Insurance – A780

  • CIIN – Insurance Underwriting Process – CF3

  • CIIN – Insurance Claims Handling – CF4

  • CIIN – Health Insurance Products – CF7

  • CIIN – Household Insurance Products – CF6

  • CIIN – Insurance Practice and Regulation – D01

  • CIIN – Motor Insurance Products – CF5

  • CIIN – Insurance, Legal and Regulatory – CF1

  • CIIN – General Insurance Business – CF2

  • CIIN – Principles of Marine Insurance – A770

  • CIIN – Subsidence Claims Handling – D19

  • CIIN – Property Claims Handling – D18

CIIN Possible Questions Likely to Repeat

Are you searching for CIIN repeated questions? If yes, check here to see CIIN possible exam questions likely to be repeated. It is highly recommended that you purchase the complete material in order to discover more possible questions. These questions are likely to repeat in the forth coming exams because they have been identified as some of the questions repeated in the previous years. Check out few of them below. You can find some free samples below. However proceed to purchase the complete past questions after going through theses samples.

Free CIIN Past Questions

From the following which is not a miscellaneous insurance?
a) Social insurance
b) Motor insurance
c) Burglary insurance
d) Third party insurance

The proportion of the risk which the direct insurer holds on his own account is called _________
a) Retrocession
b) Retention
c) Line
d) Cession

________ is also known as all risk policy
a) Comprehensive policy
b) Floating policy
c) Adjustable policy
d) Excess policy

Insurable interest means ________ interest
a) All of these
b) Individual
c) Monetary
d) Social

________ means the transfer of all the rights and remedies available to the insured in respect of the subject matter to the insurer after indemnity has been effected.
a) None
b) Contribution
c) Indemnity
d) Subrogation

___________ Policy is issued to cover the risks involved when the ship is anchored in the post.
a) Currency
b) Cargo
c) Port risk
d) Fleet

Fire insurance came into existence after the Great Fire of the London in _____
a) 1687.0
b) 1666.0
c) 1866.0
d) 1686.0

All of the following are financial risks which may be faced by business organizations EXCEPT
a) currency exchange rate risk.
b) product liability risk.
c) commodity price risk.
d) interest rate risk.

Which insurance principle lists that insurer must provide the insured complete, correct and clear information of subject matter ?
a) Principle of Utmost Good Faith
b) Principle of Insurable interest
c) None of these
d) Principle of Indemnity

________ is the total premium that a policy holder pays
a) Partial premium
b) All of these
c) Gross premium
d) Avg. premium

How to Download CIIN Exam Past Questions

The cost for CIIN exam past questions is N2,500 Naira only. To make purchase for the material, pay the sum to the account details below.

Bank Name: First Bank
Account Number: 3133374806
Account Name: Josephine P. O

Upon confirmation of your payment, the past questions will be delivered to your email instantly. Send the payment details in form of depositor’s name, your email and name of past questions needed to the vendor via 08100923529. You can call or chat on WhatsApp to either place order or confirm payment using the phone number given above, i.e (08100923529).


  • Depositors Name or screen shot of payment receipt.
  • Your email address.
  • Name of past questions needed.
  • Exam level/Category.






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