APCON Exam Past Questions and Answers – Download Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria Past Questions

APCON past questions

Download latest and up to date APCON past questions and answers on this page. APCON exam past questions are provided on this page in PDF for download.  Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria past questions and answers, are available on this page to APCON exam aspiring candidates. See samples below.

APCON Past Questions Samples:

1. Consider the following statements: Statement 1: Post testing is an evaluation conducted to know whether a proposed ad campaign is appealing to target group; Statement 2: It is also known as copy testing.
a) Only Statement 1 is correct
b) Both statements are wrong
c) Only statement 2 is correct
d) Both statements are right

2. What are the major influences on the pricing decision?
a) Director’s bonuses, Organisational objectives, Costs
b) Organisational objectives, Costs, Size of marketing and sales team
c) Costs, Marketing objectives, Profits
d) Organisational objectives, Costs, Marketing objectives

3. All of the following methods are used for evaluating advertising effectiveness EXCEPT:
a) Concurrent test
b) Marginal test
c) Pre- test
d) Post- test

4. Which method of setting an advertising budget relies on analyzing competitors’ spending?
a) Objective-and-Task Method
b) Competitive-Parity Method
c) Integrated Method
d) Affordable Method

5. Which of the following methods for establishing promotional budgets is based on the collective wisdom of the industry in which the organization operates?
a) Competitive parity
b) Objective and task
c) ROI
d) Payout planning

6. __________ is used heavily when introducing a new product category.
a) Inferential advertising
b) Reminder advertising
c) Persuasive advertising
d) Informative advertising

7. Merchandise allowance is a __________ technique.
a) Trader Promotion Techniques
b) Sales Force Promotion Technique
c) Pull Promotion Technique
d) Consumer promotion Techniques

8. Proponents of advertising argue it is _________.
a) illegal and unethical
b) totally different from simple product placement
c) the lifeblood of a business
d) synonymous with honesty

9. Which type of promotional tool is non-public, immediate, customized, and interactive?
a) Brand Contacts
b) Segmented Advertising
c) Sales Promotions
d) Direct Marketing

10. Major strategies regarding promotion mix are ___________________.
a) indirect strategy
b) pull and push strategy
c) rational and moral selling strategy
d) direct strategy

APCON Past Questions

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Quick Fact about Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria

The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) was established by the Advertising Practitioners Registration Act No. 55 of 1988, as amended by Act No. 93 of 1992 and Act No. 116 of 1993 (now Advertising Practitioners Registration Act Cap A7 of 2004).

The adoption of a broad national mass communication policy by the National Council of Ministers in January 1988 was a milestone in the establishment of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON). The various discussions that followed the adoption of the national mass communication policy articulated the relevance and the leadership role of advertising to the nation’s social, political and economic development as well as the need for official recognition and regulation of the practice.

The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) was subsequently established by the Act number 55 of 1988 as a logical outcome of these discussions. The Act accorded deserved state legislative recognition of advertising as a profession in Nigeria and vested APCON with powers to regulate and control the practice of advertising in Nigeria, in all its aspects and ramifications.

APCON maintains a strong focus on its vision of promoting responsible and ethical advertising practice, acts as the conscience of society in matters of commercial communications and as a watchdog for consumers. It also manages the needs and interests of stakeholders in Nigeria’s advertising industry.

APCON cooperates with these Sectorial associations in regulating the conduct of their member organizations to ensure a socially responsible practice. By insisting on pre-exposure clearance of all advertisements, APCON strives to check all forms of abuses such as misleading statements, spurious testimonials, visual and verbal exaggerations, misleading offers, suggestion or pictures offensive to public decency, etc.

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