WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer 2020 Portal – Guidelines on How to Move Your Account to Sky Wallet

WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer 2020 Portal – Guidelines on How to Move Your Account to Sky Wallet (New Server).

On this page, i will share everything you need to know about WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer and how to activate WAZOBIA Sky Wallet, were your old investment and due payment will be stored. Since June 2020, so many WAZOBIA Investment beneficiaries has not beeen abke to withdraw their money due to the delay in merging by the system. A satisfying reason or excuse has not been given as to why people were not merge to receive payment.

Lately, WAZOBIA Investment has come up with Account Transfer for all users. WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer Button can be found on the WAZOBIA Investment Dashboard.

Possible Reasons for WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer

  1. From recent findings, it is claimed that WAZOBIA Account Transfer is necessary as it moves your initail account to a new server (Sky Wallet).
  2. Secondly, this transfer enables the system store/back up data of all users, especially those who had due withdrawal for a long time but couldn’t withdraw. All users of WAZOBIA Investment will find the old balance in the new Sky Wallet account after account has been transferred to the new server.
  3. It is likely that the old WAZOBIA Investment server may have been hacked.

WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer

Is WAZOBIA Account Transfer Necessary?

To answer this question, fact is that it is very nessary to tranfer your account on WAZOBIA Investment Dashboard. For those of you who had your money but were not merged to receive payment, this should be a step to getting your money back, as all your money will be saved in the Sky Wallet.

What is WAZOBIA Sky Wallet?

WAZOBIA Investment Sky Wallet is a new server, created by owners of the WAZOBIA Investment. This is were money is stored/backed up after transerring your old WAZOBIA Investment account to the new Sky Wallet by WAZOBIA Investment. Also, you have full access to the WAZOBIA Sky Wallet after activating the new WAZOBIA Investment Account (Sky Wallet). To do this, account transfer must be made.

How to Transfer WAZOBIA Investment Account to Sky Wallet

Here i will show you how to tranfer your WAZOBIA Investment Account to the New Sky Wallet Account. All these information will be given for free.

Follow the steps below to have a successful transfer of account to the new server.

  1. Log in to WAZOBIA Investment portal via https://www.wazobiaking.cash/.
  2. Type and insert your username and password to log into your dashboard.
  3. Click the Account Transfer Button after you have logged in.


We advice that you cancel pending withdrawals if there was any, before clicking on the transfer button.

How to Proceed after Clicking the Transfer Button

Once you click the transfer button, the system will show you the total outstanding balance from the old server. Basically, the account transfer is just like starting all over again because you will have to activate the account on the new server just like you did at first, with the old account. Also reinvestment and recommitment will be required as you proceed.

  • As you proceed, the system will create a Sky Wallet for you, were your pending funds will be stored.
  • You then need to activate your account with a token of one thousand naira only just like you did in the first one.
  • You will have to wait to be merged by the system to make payment to the person assigned to you on the dashboard. Once you make payment for account activation, you have to notify the system on your dashboard, with evidence of payment that payment has been made/completed.

How to Access Your Funds on the Sky Wallet

You need to take these tips serious as i will show you how you can withraw your money from WAZOBIA Sky Wallet. To be able to withdraw your old funds that were hanging, and which is now refrlecting on your sky wallet, you need to make a new investment. Remember i said earlier that the transition into the new server Sky Wallet, is like starting WAZOBIA Investment all over. Just like it was routine in the other account, you have to make a fresh investment and also recommit. Recommitment is a standard policy of the WAZOBIA Investment, which every investor must oblige. Once your payment is due for withdrawal, 50% profit will be paid to you with additional 30% from the the old funds. This is for every investment you make and the profits you will receive.


The account transfer becomes irreversible once you click on the transfer button. This is to say that the process can not be undone once account transfer has been authorized by you. Secondly, you are not to use either “Wazobia Payment” or “Wazobia” as transaction details during payment to an assigned person you’ve been merged with to pay. Failure to follow this instruction will amount to account deactivation or total barn. Now, if your account is barned, the restoration fee is 9,000 naira. I guess you don’t want this to happen to you.

Will Referral Bonus Still be Paid?

Yes, you are still entittled to 10% referral bonus from your downline, everytime they invest/re-invest.


This article was provided to help you go about WAZOBIA Investment Account Transfer successfully and also have all relevant information about the transition. Please be aware that WAZOBIA Investment is a Ponzi scheme and we advice that you be cautious in your operations with them. Never borrow money to invest in Ponzi Schemes. It is okay to make investment with your personal money but, let it be an amount you won’t regret if you lost it.

We welcome comments from you if you have any. You might have a question to ask, inquiry to make and so on, PLEASE feel free to share your opinion or question with us using the comment box below. If this information was helpful to you, you can share to friends and love ones using the social media platforms on this page as this might help them too. 


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