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The UBEC recruitment past questions and answers is up for grasp on this page. Download UBEC past questions as up to date copies are available on this page. Candidates awaiting the recruitment exams of UBEC can study preparatory packs which will help them get familiar with past exam questions. 

If you are one of the candidates aspiring for a job at UBEC 2020 recruitment, then you need her past questions to succeed in the exam coming up shortly. This page provides UBEC exam past questions for the interview session. When you download this ebook, you will get to find out the nature of the exams, repeated questions that are possible to repeat again in the exams that will held soon etc. Also, the ebook has been made in such a way that correct answers are provided to each question. You can study some samples below.

Free UBEC Past Questions

The following questions below, make up for samples of UBEC past questions

1. To be entitled to pension in Nigeria, a staff must:

A) Work for 55 years
B) Work for at least 10 years consecutive years
C) Work for 65 years
D) Attain the age of seventy

2. Which class of the civil service does the casual or manual labour force belong:
A) The technical class
B) The casual class
C) The auxiliary class
D) The higher technical class

3. Policy analysis, policy implementation and plan setting are some of the functions of:
A) The legislature
B) The executive
C) The local government
D) The civil service

Functions of UBEC

  • UBEC is liable for the preparation, backing effort and sharpening of the overall population about the conveyance of subjective instruction
  • Ensure that all significant partners purchases in the UBE program as a people groups program
  • Carryout enrolment, maintenance and culmination rate crusade at all degrees of fundamental instruction.
  • Encourage organization and cooperation with networks activity towards progress of essential instruction through Self-Help Initiatives
  • Facilitate the foundation and supportability of utilitarian School Based Management Committees(SBMCs) in all essential schools across the country
  • Initiate communitarian social assembly exercises and projects that will prompt consciousness of rights, benefits, jobs and obligations of all partners in the fundamental instruction subsector.
  • Raise the cognizance of Nigerians to their duties in advancing the accomplishment of the set goals of the UBE program.
  • Encourage formal and non-formal training through open illumination exercises, distributions, radio and TV jingles.
  • Coordinate, sharpen and assemble important partners for comprehensive instruction.
  • Implementation of explicit tasks like HIV/AIDS, Almajiri, young lady kid, kid, traveler/roaming exercises
  • Working with LGAs to carryout network Mobilization, Advocacy and Sensitization exercises
  • Sensitization of Communities on obligations in instruction Access, Retention and Completion
  • Building people group mindfulness on School medical problems, including HIV/AIDS
  • Provide adequate and exceptional grounds to advise partners and the overall population about UBE program
  • Forging organization with key Stakeholders in essential instruction
  • Community improvement and strengthening
  • Encourage formal and non-formal training through edification and distribution.
  • Provide adequate and remarkable grounds to advise Stakeholders and overall population about UBE program
  • Engaging contributor offices, humanitarians, and improvement accomplices
  • Promoting and encouraging association like Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) and International Donor Agencies.

Why you should download and study UBEC Past Questions

One of the reasons you should download this ebook is so that you will be able to prepare effectively for the exams ahead. You may be given new task or exercise in the coming exams, however, the past questions for UBEC exposes you to the questions given to candidates in the past during screening exams. When you study this ebook, you become familiar with this questions and even the most repeated ones.

How to Download UBEC Recruitment Past Questions

To download this ebook, follow the steps below.

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How to Make Purchase for your Desired Past Question Papers

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