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Download TOPREC Past Questions and Answers 2021 PDF on this page and commence studies immediately. Are you among the many candidates that will take the 2021 TOPREC PPPE exams? If yes, we are glad to announce to you that the latest TOPREC professional exam past questions is ready for download on this page.

TOPREC PPPE Past Questions

The TOPREC Professional Planning Practice Examination past question papers are compiled and designed to meet the revision needs of TOPREC exam candidates. In this material are questions and answers that will help you pass the 2021 TOPREC PPPE. All applicants/candidates are adviced to study relevant past question papers that will help. That is why we are recommending up to date TOPREC question papers.

Free TOPREC Professional Planning Practice Examination Past  Questions

1. If a commercial building producing an annual gross income of $136,000 is sold for $888,000, what its GIM?
a) 6.53
b) 12.07
c) 15.3
d) 0.153
The Gross Income Multiplier (GIM) is found by dividing the sales price by the gross annual income; $888,000 ÷ $136,000 = 6.529, rounded to 6.53.
2. Which of the following effects, if any, does zoning have on property values?
a) Values are unchanged because owners have the freedom to develop the land as they wish.
b) Value is enhanced because of the principle of conformity.
c) Value is not related to zoning; it is a product of supply and demand.
d) Value is diminished because of the lack of creative use of land.
Careful zoning will increase property appreciation.

Town Planners Registration Council of Nigeria Past Questions

3. One effect of a clause in a sales agreement that states that “time is of the essence” might be that
a) the seller can take care of matters at their convenience.
b) the buyer must deal with the details of the contract as they occur.
c) the agent must see that the contract has been fulfilled prior to closing.
d) all parties must attend to those details called for in the agreement in a timely manner.

Any party who fails to take care of this responsibilities in a timely manner is subject to being held in default of the contract.

4. The term that describes the percentage of the appraised value of a property that a lender will finance is called
a) certificate of reasonable value.
b) capital investment.
c) owner’s equity.
d) loan-to-value ratio.

The lender will divide the loan amount by the appraised value ( or purchase price, whichever is lower). This is called the loan-to-value ratio. If a property is appraised at $100,000 and the lender will lend $90,000, this would be a 90% loan to value.
5. Charlie has the right to cross Tommy’s property to get to his property. What is the right called?
a) an easement in gross
b) an easement by prescription
c) an appurtenant easement
d) a license
Charlie has an appurtenance easement from Tommy. This allows Charlie to get to his property. Charlie is said to be the dominant parcel and Tommy is the serviette parcel.

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TOPREC is the acronym for the Town Planners Registration Council of Nigeria, a statutory body established by Decree 3 of 1988 titled Town Planners (Registration, etc.), which has now become an Act of Parliament cited as CAP 431 LFN,1990 and CAP T7 LFN, 2004.

TOPREC was established by the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CAP T7, LFN 2004) to regulate and control the practice of the profession of physical planning in all its aspects and ramifications.


A Registered Town Planner will be entitled to add after his/her name the designation ‘Registered Town Planner’ or RTP for short. Please obtain the following at TOPREC Secretariat:

Register of Town Planners (Those entitled to practice the profession in Nigeria).
Register of Approved Planning Firms in Nigeria.
Approved Syllabus for Training Institutions.


The registration of a Town Planner with the Registration Council shall be evidenced by the following: Issuance of a Certificate of Registration jointly signed by the President and the Registrar and will bear the year of registration, serial number and registration number.
Publication of the names of Registered Town Planners in the gazette and at least two widely circulating National Dailies; or
Publication of register of Town Planners published annually by Council.

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