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Download School of Nursing Eket past questions and answers in PDF soft copy on this page. The School of Nursing Eket exam past questions PDF are presented to you on this page for download. This exam study material is provided for you to help you go through past entrance examination questions for. School of Nursing Eket exam past questions is broad and comprises of the combination of the following subject areas which all together make up for the School of Nursing Eket aptitude test past questions. The subjects include: English Language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

School of Nursing Eket Past Questions

School of Nursing Eket interview questions and answers promises to guide any candidate who studies it with the intention to prepare for the entrance examination. Are you a candidate qualified and awaiting the entrance examination? If yes, then this is the best time to start studying the most comprehensive preparatory material for the entrance examination. Do you need the most authentic preparatory material for the forth coming exams? I trust you need an up to date School of Nursing Eket entrance examination past questions! If that is the case, then I welcome you to the best online platform to download the latest and real School of Nursing Eket entrance past question papers. On this page, you will guided and how to download the past question paper for School of Nursing Eket. You will also be shown some sample questions. I can bet you that you will find this page worthwhile as you will be guided on the information there is to know about how to download the past question you are currently in need of. This page contains vital information about Akwa Ibom State Nursing school past questions and answers. You will also be guided on how to download the exam material on this page too. Before we continue, briefly check how important this exam study material is, why you should download it from this page and, what you stand to benefit.

10 Benefits for Studying School of Nursing Eket Past Questions and Answers

There are a whole lot of benefits that comes with studying these past question papers and about ten of them are listed below.

  1. Looking at a standard exam setting, what helps most candidates all the time is their exposure to past questions for that exam. Now, given this consideration, one could possibly say exam past questions are really reliable for academic success.
  2. You’ll be exposed to areas in each subject combination that you’re supposed to focus on as it is possible for most questions to repeat.
  3. You will understand the exam format and settings so it doesn’t get you unawares on the D-day.
  4. Once you download this material, you will be given correct answers that are all already provided to each question. This is free of charge.
  5. It will guide your reading pattern as you will not have to read from here and there again after studying the past questions.
  6. One good thing about this exam study material is that you can carry it along with you anywhere you go.
  7. You can easily transfer ownership to another person after the exams. That’s either on a free basis on for a commercial purpose.
  8. Now because of how valuable this material is, you could choose to sell it to other candidates in the future.
  9. It will help you ace the entrance examination and you’ll sure pass with a high score.
  10. With these past questions, you can be well assured of at least 70% in the main examination.

Free School of Nursing Eket Past Questions and Answers

In the sections below, you will find free questions and answers for all subject combinations for the examination. These free questions are given to you as samples derived from the main/complete past question papers. The idea of the sample is to give you a glimpse of what the main document look like. The free samples will cover Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Physics.

1. The ability of the human eyes to focus both distant and near objects is called?
a) Normal adjustment
b) Visual pathway
c) Reflex blinking
d) Accommodations

2. The organ that supplies nutrient to a fetus and also plays a protective role is
a) Umbilical cord
b) Cervix
c) Placenta
d) Uterus

3. The total number of thoracic vertebra in humans is?
(a) 7
(b) 5
(d) 12

4. The functional and basic unit of the mammalian kidney is the
a) Cortex
b) Nephron
c) Medulla
d) Pyramid

5. Odontoid process is a feature of;
a) Atlas vertebra
b) Thoracic vertebrae
c) Sacral vertebrae
d) Axis vertebra

6. What is the blood group of Mr. Bright if he donates blood to anybody irrespective of the person’s blood group.
(a) A
(b) O
(d) B

7. The sense of balancing is a function of which part of the mammalian ear
a) Auditory meatus
b) Cochlea
c) Eardrum
d) Semicircular canals

8. Tapeworm has alimentary tract simply because
a) It is a pseudo multicellular organism
b) Its body can absorb already digested food from its host
c) It has piercing and sucking mouth part
d) All of the above

9. Dental formula
1-3/3; C-1/1; PM-4/4; M-2/3 denotes that of;
a) Human
b) A snake
c) Dog
d) Sheep

10.A disease condition that can be completely associated with the riverine areas is?
a) Onchocerciasis
b) Malaria
c) Leprosy
d) Tuberculosis

11.The liquid portion of any cells called _________
a) Cytoplasm
b) Endoplasmic reticulum
c) Solvent
d) Isotonic solution

12.Enzymes are:
I. Proteins
II. Need cofactors for their activation
III. Specific in their actions
IV. Mostly active under high temperature which of the statements above is /are
a) I & IV
b) I, II, III
c) II, III, & IV
d) All are correct

13.The character producing factors in living organisms are;
a) Genes
b) Chromosomes
c) Alleles
d) Chromatids

14.Magnesium aids the formation of;
a) Cambium
b) Chlorophyll
c) ATP
d) Amino acids
15.Adrenalin is;
a) A growth hormone
b) A fight or flight enzyme
c) Secreted within the testes
d) A fight or flight hormone
e) None of the above

16.Ultra-filtration takes place in the renal
a) Nephron
b) Cortex
c) Bowman’s capsule
d) Henle’s loop
e) Papillae

17.The deficiency of protein and carbohydrate in the body leads to ______ & ________
a) Kwashiorkor & Marasmus
b) Marasmus & kwashiorkor
c) Beriberi & Marasmus
d) Marasmus & Beriberi

18.Bile is produced in the;
a) Gall bladder
b) Liver
c) Pancreas
d) Spleen
e) Duodenum

19. Sochi disc is used to determine or measure;
a) Turbidity
b) Wind velocity
c) Rainfall
d) Tides

20.If a tall variety (Tt) of pig is cross breed with a short variety (tt), the ratio of tall to short
in their off springs will be?
a) 1:1
b) 1:3
c) 3:1
d) 2:1

1. The surface area of a thin metallic plate at 200
c is 1.5m2 calculate its surface area when
it finally cooled to exactly 200
c. (the value for the linear expansivity of the metal is
a) 1.503m2
b) 1.500m2
c) 1.48m2
d) 1.47m2
e) 1.40m2

2. The knowledge of one of the following is used in the management of a fractured bone.
a) Pulley
b) Block and tackle
c) Magnetism
d) Optics

3. The atomic and the mass numbers of the element 50
are _________ and ________
respectively 20
a) 50 and 20
b) 20 and 50
c) 20 and 50
d) 30 and 20
e) 70 and 50

4. The three basic means of heat transfer are _________, ___________ and _______
a) Conduction, convection and radiation
b) Conduction, combustion and radiation

c) Conduction, convection and radioactivity
d) Conduction, contraction and radioactivity

5. Which of the following is true about any luminous object?
a) It cannot produce its own light
b) It can generate its own heat
c) It can easily produce its own light
d) All of the above
e) None of the above

6. The definition of the mechanical advantage of a machine is?
a) Stress divided by stain
b) Effort divided by load
c) Strain divided by effort
d) Load divided but e effort applied
e) A and D

7. A spring of constant 0.5 N/m is stretched by 8m. what is the value of the force applied?
a) 4.5N
b) 3.5N
c) 2.5N
d) 4.0N
e) 1.5N

8. The formula for the decay constant of any radioactive element is give by;
a) ? = 0.6nine3
b) ? = N
c) ? = 0.6nine3
d) ? = T1/2

9. All of the following are derived units except
a) Unit of force
b) Unit of momentum
c) Unit of impulse
d) Unit of mass
e) Unit of capacitance

10.All he following physicist contributed immensely to the field of physics except
a) Michael farday
b) Henry Becquerel
c) Marie Curie
d) Silvester Cannon
e) Isaac Newton

11.X and Y are two parameters in physics, if X is inversely proportional to Y then;
a) X increases as Y decreases
b) X increases as Y increases
c) X increases only when Y is kept constant
d) X increases wether Y increases or decreases

12.A cone resting on its slant edge is in a state of
a) Simple equilibrium
b) Stable equilibrium
c) Unstable equilibrium
d) Neutral equilibrium
e) Parallel equilibrium

13.Given that the refractive index of material x is 15, then the critical angel at the air –x
interface if x is made from glass is?
a) Sin-1 2/3)
b) Sin -1 ½)
c) Sin -1 3/4)
d) Sin -1 8/)

14.A D. celectric comprises of the following parts except
a) Transformer
b) Commutator
c) Armature
d) Field-magnet

15.The exact form of energy stored in a dry leclanche cell I s ?
a) Kinetic energy
b) Chemical energy
c) Heat energy
d) Leclanche energy value
e) Electro kinetic energy

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Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow.
You would think that the common cold should be easy enough to study. But it is not so east as its looks. Colds often seen to spread from one person to another, so it is often assumed that the cold must be infectious, but there are some puzzling observations which do not fit in with this theory. An investigator in Holland examined some eight thousand volunteers from different areas and came to the conclusion that in each group of thousand volunteers from different areas, the colds all appeared at the same time-transfer of infection from case to case, could not account for that. Yet at the common cold research unit in Salisbury, the infection theory has been tested out, two series of about two hundred people each were inoculated, one with salt water and the other with secretions from known cold victims. Only one of the salt-water group got a cold, compared with seventy-three in the other group.
In the British medical journal, the other day, there was a report of a meeting, “the common cold-fact and Fancy” at which one of the speakers reported a study of colds made in Cirencester over the last five years. Three hundred and fifty volunteer had kept dairy records of their colds and on an average each had seven every year with annual morbidity of seventy days. So nearly one fifth of our lives is spent in more or less misery, coughing and sneezing, some widely held beliefs about the common cold have turned out not to be true. It seems that old people are just liable to colds as he young. Sailors in isolated weather ship have just as many colds while on board and not in contact with the outside world as when on shore. It is a truism that common illnesses pose more problems than the rare, the rare disease is but compares much easier to handle. There are not so many cases and all of them have been intensively studied. Some have read up all the literature about the disease and published a digest of it. There will be more facts and fewer fancies.
1. Which of the following statements can be implied from the passage?
a) People catch more colds in winter
b) The origin of colds is inconclusive
c) People catch more colds in warm weather
d) People catch colds equally in warm and cold weather

2. A rare disease can be easily death with than the common cold because
a) Medical experts are fed-up with the rampant cases of common colds
b) People easily develop resistance to the common colds
c) Adequate research exists to uncover facts about such rare diseases
d) Common colds are easily not in the province of the orthodox medical experts.

3. According to the writer, some widely held beliefs about the common colds are:
a) Inevitable
b) Irreconcilable
c) Fallacious
d) Societal

4. From the information in the passage, there is evidence;
a) Against the theory that the common cold is infectious
b) For the theory that the common cold is indeed infectious
c) That old people are immune against common cold
d) That medical reports are silent on facts about common colds

5. The cirencester volunteers kept a record of their colds through;
a) The British medical journal
b) Morbidity rates
c) Temperature recordings
d) Personal diaries.

Select a word from the options A-E that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word and a the same tie fills the blank space in the sentence correctly
6. The dissidents held several CLANDESTINE meetings before the attack.
a) Secret Ticket Office
b) Important
c) Impromptu
d) Exclusive

7. The principal warned the final year students about the implications of
a) Haste
b) Delay
c) Protesting
d) Rioting

8. The guest speaker was described a man of very ALLURING personality
a) Tempestuous
b) Mercurial
c) Voluble
d) Intricate
9. The professor showed much ERUDITION in the lecture he delivered
a) Quotation
b) Learning
c) Ostentation
d) Acclamation
e) Tautology

10.The evidence of the witness CORROBORATED that of the accused,
a) Contradicted
b) Prosecuted
c) Confirmed
d) Sentenced
e) Suspended

From the words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best complete each of the following sentences.

11.The _________ of all the states in the federation are having a meeting at Abuja
a) Attorney-generals
b) Attorney- generals
c) Attorney- generals
d) Attorney- generals

12.Toyin’s fever was so acute that she ________ an injection
a) Had to have
b) Had to had
c) Must have
d) Ought to have

13.The press must cater for the needs of the _____________ public
a) Readers
b) Readable
c) Reading
d) Reader

14.People are always afraid to visit Mr Ade because he is __________
a) An army
b) A soldier
c) An army man
d) A military

From options A-E select a word that is nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and at the same time fills the blank space in the sentence correctly.
15. People enjoy stories with _______ settings rather than those with FAR-FETCHED
a) Practical
b) Realistic
c) Artificial
d) Undefined
16.I thought that the comments made by the secretary were INNOCUOUS but the chairman
considered them __________
a) Polite
b) Inappropriate
c) Antagonistic
d) Unnecessary
e) Harmful

17.People who are normally __________ often turn to be DAUNTLESS heroes in the face of
red anger
a) Unsteadily
b) Colorless
c) Cowardly
d) Bashful
e) Unfriendly

18.The principal announced that the cleaning of the school garden would be VOLUNTARY
and not ______
a) Obligatory
b) Deliberate
c) Essential
d) Impromptu
e) Increased

19.On hearing that one of her colleagues had been promoted over her head, many felt a
great deal of RESENTMENT but derived some _______ from the remarks made by her
a) Pleasure
b) Compensation
c) Indebtedness
d) Superiority

20.A teacher’s job can often be very TAXING but sometimes it can be ___________
a) Exasperating
b) Well paid
c) Inspiring
d) Boring
e) Easy

1. A US drone strike in northwest Pakistan killed al-Qaida’s second in-command _______?
a) Ayman al-zawahiri
b) Abu yahya al-libi
c) Hasan Qayid
d) Osama Bin Laden

2. The largest dam in Africa is _________ located in _______
a) Akosombo, Cotonou
b) Ero, Nigeria
c) Aquarua, Warri
d) Akomombo, Ghana

3. MBBS is to medicine and surgery as___________ is to nursing science
a) BSC
b) BRN
c) LLB

4. The richest man in Africa in the year 2012/2013 ranking is?
a) Bill gate
b) Obama
c) Otedola
d) Dangote

5. The tallest building in Oyo state is?
a) Alafin’s palace
b) Adedibu’s plaza
c) Cocoa house
d) New governor’s office

6. The following are the qualities of a good nurse except
a) Neatness
b) Punctuality
c) Arrogance
d) Truthfulness

7. The first federal capital of Nigeria was
a) Calabar
b) Ibadan
c) Jos
d) Lagos

8. The total number of the local governments Ekiti State is ___________
a) 14
b) 18
c) 16
d) 12

9. The approved number of years for any political holder in Nigeria is?
a) 8 years for simple term
b) 4 years for single term
c) 6 years for single term
d) 2 years for single term

10.In recent times, Nigeria changed from military rule to civilian rule in the year _______
a) 1960
b) 1984
c) 1999
d) 2000

1. Given that X =101three+23Five Find X, leaving your answer in base two,
a) 1110
b) 10111
c) 11101
d) 111100

2. Calculate the total surface area of a cupboard which measure 12mm by 10mm by
a) 1nine20mm2
b) 5nine2mm2
c) 2nine6mm2
d) 148mm2

3. Solve the equation;
a) Y=2 or -5
b) Y= -2 or 5
c) Y=-1 or 10
d) Y= 2 or 5
4. 2y
What is the value of y in the diagram drawn above
a) 100
b) 280
c) 360
d) 440

5. Given that the second and fourth terms of a G.P are 8 and 32 respectively, what is the
sum of the first four terms?
a) 28
b) 40
c) 48
d) 60
e) 68

6. Factorize 2m2 + m-5
a) [2m+5} [m-3}
b) [2m-5] m+3
c) [2m-5] [m-3]
d) [2m-3] [m+5]
e) [2m+5] [m+3]

7. In a class of 80 students, every student had to study Economics or Geography, or both. If
65students studies Economics and 50 studies Geography. How many studies both subjects?
a) 15
b) 30
c) 35
d) 45
e) 50

8. Express 0.00562 in standard form
a) 5.62 X10-3
b) 5.62 x 10-2
c) 0.562x 10-2
d) 5.62 x 102
e) 5.62 x 103
9. Find the equation whose roots are -2/3 and -1/4
a) 12×2 + 11x +2 =0
b) 12×2
-11x +2 =0
c) X
-11x +2=0
d) 12×2
-11x -2=0
e) X
2 + 11x -2=0

10. If the probability that Ojo will pass his nursing entrance exam is 4/5. What is the
probability that he will fail the exam
a) 4/5
b) 3/5
c) 2/5
d) 1/5
e) 5/4

11.The difference between the smallest and the highest number in a set of data is called?
a) Median
b) Mode
c) Mean
d) Decile
e) Range

12.The sum of opposite angels of a cyclic quadrilateral equals?
a) Supplementary
b) Acute
c) None of the above

13.The sum of all the angles in an acute angle triangle is?
a) Ninety0
b) 1200
c) 1800
d) 2700

14.Given that Sin ß= -0.ninety, sixty-three, where 0<ß
, find ß.
a) 650
b) 1150
c) 1450
d) 2450
e) 2650

15.What must be added to the expression x2 – 18x to make it a perfect square
a) 3
b) Nine
c) 36
d) 72
e) 81
16.The locus of a point which equidistant from point M and N is the
a) Bisector of line MN
b) Perpendicular bisector of line MN
c) Circumference of MN
d) Distance between M and N
17.The volume of a cone of height ninecm is 1848cm2
.calculate radius[ r]of the cone
a) 7cm
b) 14cm
c) 28cm
d) Nine8cm
e) 1 nine6cm
18.Two point A and B are respectively 12m North and 5m East of point C. find AB
a) 7cm
b) 12cm
c) 13cm
d) 17cm
e) 18cm
19. Solve the inequality 3m+3>nine
a) m>2
b) m>3
c) m>4
d) m>6
e) m>12
20. A house bought for N100,000 was later auctioned for N80,000 find the loss percentage
a) 20%
b) 30%
c) 40%
d) 50%
e) 60%

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