Oil and Gas Accounting Past Questions and Answers

Nigeria LNG Limited Graduate Trainee Past Questions

Oil and Gas Accounting Past Questions and Answers

This page offers Oil and Gas accounting past questions and answers. If you need accounting job interview questions for oil and gas exam then you are at the right place to download them. Oil and Gas Accounting interview questions are provided on this page. The accounting interview questions for Oil and Gas jobs are drafted from a combination of top oil and gas exam questions. They are up to date and are capable of helping you to succeed in any interview what so ever. Are you about to take a job interview at a oil and gas company? If yes, then it is very advisable to take the oil and gas accounting assessment test past questions very seriously. It will help you solve questions and find solutions to them immediately as they come with answers already.

Oil and Gas Accounting Past Questions

With this study material, you will also be able to assess extracts from ANAN oil and gas past and that of ICAN which are all professional questions. These questions are relevant to Oil and Gas Accounting interview questions as they guide them.

Accounting Job Interview Past Questions for Oil and Gas Exam

The benefit of studying oil and gas accounting job past questions are numerous. With the question papers, you are able to understand the exam format/structure and what to expect. It is very important to have an understanding of what you are in for and that is what this material sure guarantees. On the other hand, you will see possible questions that are likely to repeat. Having knowledge about likely questions puts you ahead as you have likely questions to repeat at your finger tips. How do you download this material? See details below and some sample questions thereafter.

How to Download Oil and Gas Accounting Past Questions

 Note that this material are compiled in PDF soft copies and can be assessed with any android phone, IOS operating devices and laptops. You will receive this study pack through your email or whatsapp after purchase has been made. Make payment of 3,500 to the accounting details then notify us through 08100923529 for your package to be delivered to you through email.

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Sample Questions

  1. Which of the following will sink when placed on water?

(a) Ball

(b) Plastic Cup

(c) Balloon

(d) Eraser ANS D

  1. The following are domestic birds except

(a) Duck

(b) Pigeon

(c) Turkey

(d) Vulture ANS D

  1. A boy buys a biscuit for N4 and sells it at a profit of 20%. Find the actual price and the selling price?

(a) i =N1.00k, ii = N5.00k

(b) i = 60k, ii = N4.40k

(c) i = 80k, ii = N4.80k

(d) i = 50k, ii = N4.50k ANS C

  1. A man buys recharge card for N500. He sells it for N430. What is the percentage loss?

(a) 7%

(b) 9%

(c) 14%

(d) 20% ANS C

  1. The title of the traditional ruler of Benin is called…………………………..

(a) Obi

(b) Obong

(c) Oba

(d) Igwe ANS C

  1. Which of these is not a method of preventing iron from rusting?

(a) Lubrication

(b) Galvanization

(c) Melting

(d) Painting ANS C

  1. Which of the following is not a rainbow colour?

(a) Indigo

(b) Purple

(c) Orange

(d) Green ANS B

  1. A person who flies an aircraft is called……………………..

(a) A captain

(b) A craftologist

(c) A pilot

(d) An aeronautics engineer ANS C

  1. Kwame Nkrumah Museum is located in…………………………….

(a) Tanzania

(b) Kenya

(c) Mauritania

(d) Ghana ANS D

  1. An example of confluence town in Nigeria is……………………………..

(a) Onitsha

(b) Obudu

(c) Lokoja

(d) PortHarcout ANS C

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