Download NISLT Past Questions and Answers PDF ( 2021 PMTE)

NISLT Past Questions

Download NISLT Past Questions PDF on this page: The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology Past Questions and Answers are available for download on this. As you read through you will see some sample questions which will be given for free. After go through the free NISLT past questions, you will be required to purchase the complete material. This material is meant to enhance revision practice while you await the exams date. 

NISLT Past Questions

  1. The tool material, for faster machining, should have
    A. wear resistance
    B. red hardness
    C. toughness
    D. all of the above
    Answer: D

2. Dielectric is used in
A. electro-chemical machining
B. ultra-sonic machining
C. electro-discharge machining
D. laser machining
Answer: C

3. In a single point tool, the angle between the surface of the flank immediately below the point and a line drawn from the point perpendicular to the base, is known as
A. side relief angle
B. end relief angle
C. back rake angle
D. side rake angle
Answer B

4. The type of reamer used for reaming operation in a blind hole, is

A. straight fluted reamer
B. left hand spiral fluted reamer
C. right hand spiral fluted reamer
D. any one of the above
Answer: C

5. In centerless grinders, the maximum angular adjustment of the regulating wheel is
A. 5º
B. 10º
C. 15º
D. 20º
Answer: B

6. The lathe spindles are usually made hollow and provided with
A. internal taper
B. external taper
C. internal and external taper
D. no taper
Answer: A

7. Which of the following parameters influence the axial feed rate in centreless grinding?
A. Regulating wheel diameter
B. Speed of the regulating wheel
C. Angle between the axes of grinding and regulating wheels
D. all of the above
Answer: D

8. The example of snag grinding is
A. trimming the surface left by sprues and risers on castings
B. grinding the parting line left on castings
C. removing flash on forgings
D. all of the above
Answer: D

NISLT Fellowship Exam Past Questions

9. Internal gears can be made by
A. hobbing
B. shaping with pinion cutter
C. shaping with rack cutter
Answer B

10. If the diameter of the hole is subject to considerable variation, then for locating in jigs and fixtures, the pressure type of locator used is
A. conical locator
B. cylindrical locator
C. diamond pin locator
D. vie locator
Answer A

11. Segmental chips are formed during machining
A. mild steel
B. cast iron
C. high speed steel
D. high carbon steel
Answer B

12. The leakage in a refrigeration system using ammonia is detected by
A. halide torch
B. sulphur sticks
C. soap and water
D. all of the above
Answer B

13. The process, generally used in summer air conditioning to cool and dehumidify the air, is called
A. humidification
B. dehumidification
C. heating and humidification
D. cooling and dehumidification
Answer D

14. The heat transfer from a hot body to a cold body is directly proportional to the surface area and difference of temperatures between the two bodies. This statement is called
A. First law of thermodynamics
B. Newton’s law of cooling
C. Newton’s law of heating
D. Stefan’s law
Answer B

15. The rate of heat flow through a body is . The term x/kA is known as
A. thermal coefficient
B. thermal resistance
C. thermal conductivity
D. none of the above
Answer B

16. In counter-current flow heat exchangers
A. both the fluids at inlet are in their hottest state
B. both the fluids at inlet are in their coldest state
C. both the fluids at exit are in their hottest state
D. one fluid is coldest and the other is hottest at inlet
Answer A

NISLT Professional Exam Past Questions

17. The most commonly used method for the design of duct size is the
A. velocity reduction method
B. equal friction method
C. static regain method
D. dual or double method
Answer C

18. In a shell and tube heat exchanger, baffles are provided on the shell side to
A. improve heat transfer
B. provide support for tubes
C. prevent stagnation of shell side fluid
D. all of the above
Answer D

19. A refrigerant with the highest critical pressure is
A. R-11
B. R-12
C. R-22
D. Ammonia

20. A condenser of refrigeration system rejects heat at the rate of 120 kW, while its compressor consumes a power of 30 kW. The coefficient of performance of the system will be
A. 1/4
B. 1/3
C. 3
D. 4
Answer D

NISLT PMTE Past Questions

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