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NIPR Past Questions and Answers – Download NIPR Study Pack PDF

Download NIPR past questions and answers  on this page. Nigerian Institute of Public Relations past questions and answers are provided on this page for download. NIPR exam past questions are offered to NIPR examination aspirants that will be taking this year’s exams. Getting qualified and passing the NIPR exam is not an easy task. However, when you do the needful, you can be rest assured to succeed. To pass NIPR exam, studying her past exam questions will be of great help.

This ebook has been compiled to help you explore past exam questions of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). NIPR study pack is provided with the intention to help you boost your chances of success in the coming exams for 2021.

NIPR Examination Past Questions

Download NIPR Exam past questions on this page. The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations Past Questions is a very power tool for preparation against the upcoming exam. Any given professional exam should not be taken for granted. The outcome is that you are bound to repeat the examination if you fail. It is for this reason that compiled series of  NIPR past questions and answers have been made available for you on this page.

Are you currently searching for real NIPR professional exam past questions and answers online? If yes, then this is your final point where your search ends. On this page, the real and up to date past questions for NIPR exam are provided for download. For the purpose of revision and practise, NIPR study guide aims to bring you to the exposure of past exam questions. The good thing is that our resources helps you with the right data for your studies.

NIPR Past Questions Samples

  1. What refers to the act of offense of saying defamatory statement that exposes a person to contempt

A. defamation
B. IPR violation
C. slander
D. libel
2. What refers to the act of copying original creative work manifested in a tangible form

A. libel
B. IPR violation
C. defamation
D. slander

3. What refers to the act of offense of saying something false or malicious that damages somebody’s reputation

A. slander
B. libel
C. IPR violation
4. What does code for regulation by ASCI does not include

A. ensure the truthfulness claims made by advertisements
B. ensure the honesty of representations made by advertisements are expressly stated to be based on or supported by independent research
D. None of these

5. Direct comparison with competing brands or firms in advertising is _____________

A. not permitted strictly
B. is permitted under certain conditions
C. permitted
D. is permitted under surrogate advertising
6. What is the role of a public relations professional in the field of mass media?

A.The public relations officer are expected to counter any adverse publicity, and even neutralize the damaging impact of any competitive campaign
B. A public relations officer is expected to be a resource person, to collect and distribute comprehensive information
C. A public relations officer is expected to evaluate and measure the impact of competitive campaign on the masses
D. All of these

7. Public relations profession primarily depends on ______________.

A. knowledge based intellect
B. smart taking
D. evolving sales and marketing techniques

8. Compared to other marketing communications tools, PR is the:

A. Both of these
B. Worst for generating trust and confidence
C.Best for generating trust and confidence
D. None of these

9.Traditionally, PR and Marketing have been functionally:

A. United
B. None of these
C. Separate
D. Merged

NIPR Study Pack Questions

  1. Which term refers to creation of an image through editorial or independent source commentary

A. Public Relations
B. Rumor mongering
C. Publicity
D. None of these

2. Which of the following is an characteristic of PR

A. It plays and advisory role of counseling the management to modify and adjust the policies
B. It is a top management function
C. All of these
D. It has the responsibility of establishing relationship between an organization and its groups like employees, customers.

3. Which set of characteristics most accurately describe PR?

A. Low cost, low credibility, high control
B. High cost, low credibility, high control
C. High cost, high credibility, low control
D. Low cost, high credibility, low control

4. What is the essential trait of a PRO

A. should be a learned
should gain the people’s confidence easily
All of these
have high standard of integrity

5. Which function of an PR professional involves making an important decision of the organization public

A. Arranging Press Conference
B. Preparing Media Plan
C. Depends upon the media
D. Coordinating Interviews

6. Which function of an PR professional involves detailing and short listing the journalists from publications and electronic media for gaining substantial visibility

A. Arranging Press Conference
B. Preparing Media Plan
C. Depends upon the media
D. Coordinating Interviews

About Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR)

The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) was established in 1963. The body attained the status of a Chartered Institute in June 1990 through Decree No. 16 (now an Act of the National Assembly) from which it derives the power and responsibility to register members, set parameters of knowledge to acquire to qualify to practise, regulate the practice and development of the PR Profession as well monitor professional conducts through an established Code of Ethics, amongst others. As it is the practice with respectable professional organizations everywhere, the law stipulates standard academic and professional qualifications for admission into the Institute.


Why you need to study this ebook and how helpful it will be for you

  • When you download this preparatory study pack, you will be able to explore as many as possible, previous exam questions and their solutions.
  • Through revision, you will also discover those questions that usually repeat. Chances are that some of these questions might show up again.

Quick facts about NIPR

  • NIPR provides opportunity for the acquisition of professional membership and qualification for Nigerian Public Relations through organized examination.
  • Aims to improve the level of public relations practices in Nigeria.
  • To develop a dynamic professional Institution that meets the needs of Nigeria.

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