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Are you searching for NEMSA Past Questions and Answers ? If yes, then download up to date NEMSA Electrical Installation Engineer Certification exam past questions on this page. This material have been compiled to help candidates go through past exam questions of NEMSA. All candidates who shall be taking NEMSA Electrical Installation Engineer Certification exam are urged to download and study these questions rigorously, as most questions repeat over the years. Also download NEMSA recruitment past questions PDF.

NEMSA certification exam questions

If you want to pass this exam, then it is recommended of you to take your studies seriously. Below are free NEMSA past questions Electrical Installation Engineer Certification exam. They are only a few sample questions and as such, not complete. To access the complete material, you will be charged a token for download after studying the free questions below.

Free NEMSA Past Questions

1) If you used 400 W of power for 30 h, you have used
A. 1.3 kWh
B. 13.3 kWh
C. 1.2 kWh
D. 12 kWh
Answer: Option D
The power is multiplied by time then the energy is:
E = P*T.
E = 400*30 = 12*10^3.
= 12KWH.

2) At the end of a 14 day period, your utility bill shows that you have used 18 kWh. What is your average daily power?
A. 1.286 kWh
B. 12.85 kWh
C. 535 kWh
D. 252 kWh
Answer: Option A
18 kwh for 14 days.
For one day power consumption is = 18/14.
= 1.2857

3) A 15 V source is connected across a 12 Ω resistor. How much energy is used in three minutes?
A. 938 Wh
B. 0.938 Wh
C. 56.25 Wh
D. 5.6 Wh
Answer: Option B
As per ohm’s law,
R = V / I
I = V / R
= 15 / 12
= 1.25 A
And Power P = V * I
= 15*1.25
= 18.75 w
Given duration is 3 miniute i.e. 3 / 60 hour
Therefore, Watt-hour = 18.75 * (3 / 60) = 0.9375

4.) A given power supply is capable of providing 6 A for 3.5 h. Its ampere-hour rating is
A. 0.58 Ah
B. 2.1 Ah
C. 21 Ah
D. 58 Ah
Answer: Option C
The capacity of battery generally expressed in AH, so that in this case AH is 6A*3.5H=21AH

5.) A power supply produces a 0.6 W output with an input of 0.7 W. Its percentage of efficiency is
A. 8.57%
B. 42.85%
C. 4.28%
D. 85.7%
Answer: Option D
=. 6\.7
=. 857
% efficiency =. 857*100
= 85.7%

6) A certain appliance uses 350 W. If it is allowed to run continuously for 24 days, how many kilowatt-hours of energy does it consume?
A. 20.16 kWh
B. 201.6 kWh
C. 2.01 kWh
D. 8.4 kWh
Answer: Option B
Kwh = (350*24*24)/1000
= 201.6kWh

7) In 0.025 W, there are
A. 25 kW
B. 0.00025 mW
C. 2,500 µW
D. 25 mW
Answer: Option D

8.) When the pointer of an analog ohmmeter reads close to zero, the resistor being measured is
A. overheated
B. shorted
C. open
D. reversed
Answer: Option B
r=0 when short circuited
r=infinity(high) when open circuited.

9.) A 33 Ω half-watt resistor and a 330Ω half-watt resistor are connected across a 12 V source. Which one(s) will overheat?
A. 33
B. 330
C. both resistors
D. neither resistor
Answer: Option D

10) The current in a given circuit is not to exceed 24 A. Which value of fuse is best?
A. a fuse is not necessary
B. 10 A
C. 24 A
D. 20 A
Answer: Option C
Yes, answer is 24A. If current flow exceeds 24A then fuse works and breaks up the circuit, till then circuit is safe.

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