Legit – Providing stool donors for FMT and research 2023 Legit Legit – Providing stool donors for FMT and research 2023

Is legit or just another fake, can’t be trusted in donating your poops for research purposes only? In recent years, there has been a growing interest in fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) as a means to treat various gastrointestinal disorders. FMT involves the transplantation of healthy fecal matter from a donor to a patient, with the goal of restoring the balance of bacteria in the intestines. While this treatment has shown promising results, finding suitable donors can be a challenge. This is where comes into play. Legit – What is human microbes com? is a website dedicated to connecting individuals with the need for stool donors with those who are willing and qualified to provide it. This platform serves as a bridge between those in need of FMT treatments and donors who understand the importance of donating their stool.

Humanmicrobes is the world’s largest, highest quality stool donor network for FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplants) and research. With a focus on the USA and Canada, but accepting donors and recipients worldwide!

Who is Founder?

Human Microbes, founded in 2020 by Michael Harrop, is a stool donor network that accepts stool donors from around the world and does global dry ice shipping. Interested in health and well-being implications of the microbiome, Human Microbes is run by individuals and professionals in the field. Michael Harrop is the Head Of Operations at!

Michael’s motivation comes both from his own poor health history, as well as the poor health of most people in modern society. There are numerous articles and analyses written by him on the microbiome, FMT, and human health & development. Michael is also the creator of – an up-to-date database of microbiome research used by both professionals and laypeople around the world.

What is the Human Microbes used for?

Microbes aid in digestion, absorb nutrients, and out-compete harmful bacteria in the intestines. In contrast to human genes, they produce vitamins and proteins that are not produced by humans. Furthermore, they aid the immune system in fighting infections and diseases throughout the body by preventing the growth of harmful skin bacteria.

The main focus of the organization is finding the quality of stool donor they think will be highly effective as a treatment for most people/conditions. At the same time, the team hope to keep FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplant) affordable since many people who need FMT have had chronic disease for many years, are unable to work, and may have already spent a lot of money on doctors & treatments. More good news as they may open up for donations in order to provide high-quality FMT for these people. Legit – Why is important? plays a crucial role in facilitating FMT treatments by providing a reliable resource for patients and healthcare providers. Here are some key reasons why it is a valuable resource:

1. Convenience: The website offers a convenient platform for individuals seeking stool donors. With just a few clicks, patients can browse through potential donors and find a suitable match.

2. Ethical guidelines: ensures that all donors adhere to strict ethical guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of both donors and recipients. Donors are thoroughly screened and undergo comprehensive medical evaluations to ensure their stool is suitable for transplantation.

3. Transparency: The website provides detailed information about each donor, including their medical history, personal details, and willingness to participate in FMT research. This allows patients to make informed decisions and choose a donor who aligns with their needs and preferences.

4. Research opportunities: In addition to connecting individuals with stool donors for FMT treatments, also facilitates research opportunities. By providing a platform for potential donors and researchers to connect, the website promotes advancements in our understanding of microbiota composition and its role in human health.

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