Fidelity Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers – Latest Version

Fidelity Bank

Are you searching for Fidelity Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers? Search no more. We got you covered with updated copy of Fidelity Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers in this page for easy download.

Fidelity Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions

If you must get this job, then it’s important for you to have an insight on what the screening exercise looks like. Fidelity Bank job is one among those who are strict with their aptitude test. Its is essential for candidates who applied for this job to take advantage of this information.

You can get through with our study material (Fidelity Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers). Here, all possible questions are provided with high tendency of repeating itself either directly or rephrased. This study material is set to boost your confidence level, provide you with an image of what you’ll be expecting in the exams.

It contains crucial areas in which they set their questions from, areas like; verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and logical reasoning. You’re one step away in securing this job that’s only if you can master all the questions in this study material with their answers.

This study material is now in a PDF format which is compatible with all electronic devices and can be accessed offline after download. In case you encounter any difficulty trying to download this past questions please leave a comment in the comment section. Below are samples of this study material and how to download the full PDF file.

Samples of this study material

1. The total 2011 Marketing Budget for all five Brands is to be cut by a quarter in 2012. In £, what is the 2012 Marketing Budget? (to the nearest £100,000)?
(A) £3 million
(B) £3.1 million
(C) £5.2 million
(D) £6.2 million
(E) £7.1 million

Step 1 – calculate the 2012 marketing budget 2011 marketing budget (from previous question) = 1135 ( 10,000s)
2012 marketing budget = 11.35 million x 75% = 8.5125 million
Step 2 – convert into £8,512,500 / 1.2 = £7.094 million
Step 3 – put answer into the nearest £100,000 £7.1 million
So the correct answer is (E), £7.1 million

2. In 2008, car sales were split across 3 equally-priced models in the ratio of 7:8:6 for models A, B and C respectively. What was the sales revenue for model A?
(A) £287 million
(B) £335 million
(C) £382 million
(D) £383 million
(E) Can’t tell from data

Apply the ratio to the total sales for 2008 7 x £1,005.0 m / 21 = £335 million.
Note: we can answer this question because we are told that the three models were equally priced. If we were not told this information we would have to answer “cannot tell”.
Thus the correct answer is (B), £335 million

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