February 23, 2024
Kebbi State School of Nursing Past Questions

Are you looking forward to download Edo State School of Nursing past questions and answers? If yes, then you arrived at the right place to download over 700 questions and answers from past 7 examination question papers. Most questions are repeated and this year’s own will not be an exception. You can download Edo State School of Nursing past questions PDF on this page immediately. It doesn’t take up to 3 minutes to download this material through your email or whatsapp. Please note that this material is available in PDF soft copy and that is what you will receive.  The following below are the subject combinations for 2021 Edo State School of Nursing past questions and answers.

  • Section A- English language 20 questions
  • Section B- mathematics 20 questions
  • Section C- Biology 20 questions
  • Section D- Chemistry 15 questions
  • Section E- Physics 15 questions
  • Section F- Current Affairs 10 questions

We took the time to compile this material for students like you and we recommend you to download this material immediately. Chat me on WhatsApp or call 08100923529 to get your past questions sent to you immediately. Pay 2,000 to the account details provided below.

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Edo State School of Nursing Past Questions

Edo State School of nursing interview questions and answers promises to guide any candidate who studies it with the intention to prepare for the entrance examination. Are you a candidate qualified and awaiting the entrance examination? If yes, then this is the best time to start studying the most comprehensive preparatory material for the entrance examination. Do you need the most authentic preparatory material for the forth coming exams? I trust you need an up to date Edo State School of Nursing entrance examination past questions! If that is the case, then I welcome you to the best online platform to download the latest and real Edo State School of nursing entrance past question papers. On this page, you will guided and how to download the past question paper for Edo State school of nursing. You will also be shown some sample questions. I can bet you that you will find this page worthwhile as you will be guided on the information there is to know about how to download the past question you are currently in need of. This page contains vital information about Edo State Nursing school past questions and answers. You will also be guided on how to download the exam material on this page too. Before we continue, briefly check how important this exam study material is, why you should download it from this page and, what you stand to benefit.

10 Benefits for Studying Edo State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

There are a whole lot of benefits that comes with studying these past question papers and about ten of them are listed below.

  1. Looking at a standard exam setting, what helps most candidates all the time is their exposure to past questions for that exam. Now, given this consideration, one could possibly say exam past questions are really reliable for academic success.
  2. You’ll be exposed to areas in each subject combination that you’re supposed to focus on as it is possible for most questions to repeat.
  3. You will understand the exam format and settings so it doesn’t get you unawares on the D-day.
  4. Once you download this material, you will be given correct answers that are all already provided to each question. This is free of charge.
  5. It will guide your reading pattern as you will not have to read from here and there again after studying the past questions.
  6. One good thing about this exam study material is that you can carry it along with you anywhere you go.
  7. You can easily transfer ownership to another person after the exams. That’s either on a free basis on for a commercial purpose.
  8. Now because of how valuable this material is, you could choose to sell it to other candidates in the future.
  9. It will help you ace the entrance examination and you’ll sure pass with a high score.
  10. With these past questions, you can be well assured of at least 70% in the main examination.

Free Edo State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

In the sections below, you will find free questions and answers for all subject combinations for the examination. These free questions are given to you as samples derived from the main/complete past question papers. The idea of the sample is to give you a glimpse of what the main document look like. The free samples will cover Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Physics.

Free EDO STATE School of Nursing Biology Questions

1. The cell is a functional unit of living organisms because

A) multicellular organisms are made up of cells
B) all cells in a multicellular organism function as a single cell
C) the function of a multicellular organism is the sum total of the functions of its constituent cells
D) the function of a single cell is superior to that of the multicellular organism
E) the cells of a multicelullar organism are similar in structure

2. The organelle which eliminate water from the body of protozoa is

A) plasma membrane
B) contractile vacuole
C) cell wall
D) protoplasm
E) nucleus

3. Spirogyra is regarded as a multicellular plant because

A) its cells are linked together by cytoplasmic strands
B) its cells are joined to form organs
C) the cylindrical cells are linked end to end
D) the filaments consist of one cell only
E) it is an algea containing large vacuoles

4. The mechanism of gaseous exchange in living organisms is essentially by

A) osmosis
B) inhalation
C) diffusion
D) exhalation
E) breathing

5. Which of the following statement is correct about diffusion?

A) it involves movement of water molecules only
B) Molecules move from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration
C) differentially permeable membrane must be present for diffusion to occur
D) It involves when a solute can no longer dissolve in a solvent of only solute molecules into the Bowman’s capsule
E) It occurs when a solute can no longer dissolve in a solvent

6. Which of the following food substances is digested in the stomach?

A) Carbohydrate
B) Fats and oil
C) Fats and proteins
D) Proteins
E) Carbohydrates and fats

7. The conversion of excess amino acids into urea occurs in the

A) Kidney
B) pancreas
C) villi
D) liver
E) spleen

8. For pollination and fruit formation, the essential part(s) of the flower should be the

A) corolla
B) ovary
C) pistil(gynoecium)
D) ovules
E) receptacle

9. Which one of the following parts of the mammalian body is most closely associated with the production of urine?

A) Malpighian capsule
B) Urinary bladder
C) Ureter
D) Vas deferens
E) Urethra

10. A potometer is used to determine the rate at which a shoot

A) respires
B) sucks air bubbles
C) loses weight
D) absorbs water
E) transpires

Free EDO STATE School of Nursing Chemistry Questions

1 A gas exerts pressure on its container because

A) the molecules of a gas collide with the walls of the container
B) some of the molecules are moving faster than others
C) of the collisions of the molecules with each other
D) of the mass of the molecules of the gas

2 The basic assumption in the kinetic theory of gases that the collisions of the gaseous molecules are perfectly elastic implies that the

A) forces of attraction and repulsion are in equilibrium
B) gaseous molecules can occupy any available space
C) gaseous molecules will continue their motion indefinitely
D) gases can be compressed

3 The salt formed from a reaction between citric acid and sodium hydroxide in solution will be

A) acidic
B) basic
C) complex
D) neutral

4 The colour changes observed when testing for reducing agents using acidified potassium heptaoxodichromate (IV) solution is

A) yellow to purple
B) orange to green
C) green to orange
D) purple to yellow

5 Which of the following metals is purified commercially by electrolysis?

A) Zn
B) Fe
C) Sn
D) Cu

6 Two equal bulbs, one containing ammonia and the other nitrogen are opened mouth-to-mouth to each other at room temperature. The entropy in the mixture of gases is likely to

A) remain unchanged
B) increase
C) decrease
D) change

7 A catalyst increase the rate of a chemical reaction by providing a path that

A) raise the activation energy
B) increase the temperature
C) lowers the activation energy
D) increase the concentration

8 The equilibrium of an endothermic reaction which proceeds with an increase in volume can be shifted in the reverse direction by

A) increasing the temperature and decreasing the pressure
B) increasing the pressure and increasing the temperature
C) decreasing the temperature and increasing the pressure
D) decreasing the pressure and decreasing the temperature

9 Hydrogen sulphide gas can act as

A) an oxidizing agent
B) a dehydrating agent
C) a bleaching agent
D) a precipitating agent agent
E) a reducing agent

10 The gasification of coke is used for the manufacturing of

A) producer gas
B) natural gas
C) synthetic gas
D) industrial gas

Free EDO STATE School of Nursing Physics Questions

  1. 1kg of boiling water at 100°C is poured into an aluminium hot water bottle at 16°C. The temperature of the water quickly falls to 96°C. Assuming that there is no loss of heat, the mass of the bottle is
    A) 0.25kg
    B) 0.5kg
    C) 0.05kg
    D) 0.75kg.

2 The resultant of two forces is 50N. If the forces are perpendicular to each other and one of them makes an angle of 30° with the resultant, find its magnitude

A) 57.7N
B) 25.0N
C) 100.0N
D) 57.7N
E) 43.3N

3 When a brick is taken from the earth’s surface to the moon, its mass

A)Remains constant

B)Becomes zero



4 The pair of physical quantities that are scalar only are

A) Volume and area
B) Impulse and time
C) Moment and momentum
D) Length and displacement

5 A simple pendulum of length 0.4m has a period 2s. What is the period of a similar pendulum of length 0.8m at the same place?

A) 2√2s
B) √2s
C) 8s
D) 4s

6 A train with an initial velocity of 20ms-1 is subjected to a uniform deceleration of 2ms-2. The time required to bring the train to a complete halt is——

A) 10s
B) 40s
C) 5s
D) 20s

7 Calculate the apparent weight loss of a man weighing 70kg in an elevator moving downwards with an acceleration of 1.5ms-2.

A) 105N
B) 686N
C) 595N
D) 581N

8 A piece of cork floats in a liquid. What fraction its volume will be immersed in the liquid? [density of the cork = 0.25 × 103kgm-3, Density of the liquid = 1.25 × 103kgm-3]

A) 0.2
B) 0.1
C) 0.8
D) 0.5

9 An object is moving with a velocity of 5ms-1. At what height must a similar body be situated to have a potential energy equal in value with the kinetic energy of the moving body? [g ≈ 10ms-2]

A) 1.3m
B) 25.0m
C) 1.0m
D) 20.0m

10 If a pump is capable of lifting 5000 kg of water through a vertical height of 60 m in 15 min, the power of the pump is

A) 3.3 × 103 Js-1
B) 2.5 × 104 Js-1
C) 2.5 × 105 Js-1
D) 2.3 × 103 Js-1

Free EDO STATE School of Nursing English Questions

1 From the alternative provided in the question below select the one which is most appropriately completes the sentence:

Had he known that it would rain, he ________ his umbrella with him.

A) would have taking
B) was going to take
C) would be taking
D) would have taken
E) would take

2 From the alternative provided in the question below select the one which is most appropriately completes the sentence:

Omeime was taking his dog for a walk when the dog suddenly _______ from its chain and escaped

A) broke through
B) broke lose
C) broke even
D) broke loose
E) broke away

3 From the alternative provided in the question below select the one which is most appropriately completes the sentence:

I was still sleeping when the national news ________ this morning

A) were broadcast
B) were broadcasted
C) was broadcast
D) was broadcasted
E) were being broadcasted

4 From the alternative provided in the question below select the one which is most appropriately completes the sentence:

Each of the contestants ________ a chance to win

A) has
B) have
C) get
D) gets
E) take

5 From the alternative provided in the question below select the one which is most appropriately completes the sentence:

I gave the book to the library attendant ________ I think works in the evenings

A) whom
B) whose
C) which
D) who
E) of whom

6 From the alternative provided in the question below select the one which is most appropriately completes the sentence:

The politicians are responsible for the ________ events have taken in this country

A) course
B) curse
C) coarse
D) cause
E) corse

7 In the question below choose the option opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters:

The chief was GENEROUS in his award of university scholarships

A) nobel
B) considerate
C) liberal
D) mean
E) honest

8 In the question below choose the option opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters:

To most people last Christmas was an AUSTERE period

A) prosperous
B) harsh
C) severe
D) sour
E) stern

9 In the question below choose the option opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters:

Chidi is naturally TACITURN

A) friendly
B) cheerful
C) dumb
D) lively
E) garrulous

10 In the question below choose the option opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters:

He is loved for his ALTRUISM.

A) benevolence
B) sincerity
C) selfishness
D) selflessness
E) kindness

How to download Complete Edo State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

To get the genuine and complete Edo State School of Nursing past questions which contains more than one thousand questions with correct answers, pay the sum of 2,000 naira to the account details below.

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With the above information, we will be able to verify your payment and also know the medium with which the past question papers will be delivered to you. Once you confirm your payment, the past questions will be delivered to you within 5 minutes.

Assurance of Delivery

We understand how difficult it is to transact online as there are so many scam online lately. We considered this and that’s why we have provided some samples above which are extracted from the complete past question paper. That is to show that your preferred past question paper is available as seen and will be delivered to you immediately.












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