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Are you in search for DSS Past Questions and Answers PDF | DSS/SSS Recruitment Past Questions and answers? If yes, You can download DSS/SSS recruitment past questions and answers on this page. We have made available the complete version of State Security Service interview exams past questions with correct answers. Obtain DSS interview past questions here.

Brief History About DSS/SSS

The State Security Service (SSS) or Department of State Services (DSS) has its roots in pre-colonial Nigeria. It formally came into existence in 1948 with the establishment of the then “E” Department (Special Branch) domiciled in the Office of the Inspector General of the Nigeria Police Force.

Following the abortive coup of 1976 during which the then Head of State, General Murtala Mohammed was assassinated, General Olusegun Obasanjo promulgated the NSO Decree No.16 (1976) in one of his foremost national assignments as the Head of State. The Decree witnessed the establishment of the Nigerian Security Organization (NSO), which came in the wake of the security challenge posed by the 1976 abortive coup. The NSO was then charged with the responsibility of timely procurement of relevant and well analyzed intelligence necessary to meet the highlighted challenges and other matters bordering on National Security.

At the inception of General Ibrahim Babangida’s administration in 1985, he overhauled and re-organized the NSO through Decree No. 19 of 1986 also known as National Security Agencies (NSA) Decree, 1986. This exercise witnessed the emergence of three (3) separate establishments, the State Security Service (SSS), Defence Intelligence Service (DIS) and the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). Upon transition from military to civilian rule in 1999, the Service has continued to nurture, preserve and protect the country’s democratic governance.

DSS/SSS Recruitment Past Questions

The following are samples. You can study them for free.

1. The Military Governor called for a concerted effort in solving the problems of the state.
A. A dramatic
B. An agitated
C. A joint
D. A direct
E. An unfailing

2. Gone are the days when he ………. Enjoy patronage
A. Would
B. Will
C. Could
D. Used to
E. Can

3. All ………. Well with Peter.
A. Are not
B. Have not been
C. Were not
D. Is not
E. Aren’t

4. The villagers looked ………. their leader for good examples.
A. Up to
B. Onto
C. Up at
D. Forward to
E. Into

5. Emeka failed because the examination was ………. difficult for him.
A. So
B. Very
C. Highly
D. Too
E. Much

6. The dancers were all in ………. before their departure.
A. Good spirits
B. Good spirit
C. High spirit
D. High spirits

7. The suspect defrauded his ………. victim of large sums of money.
A. Unsuspected
B. Unsuspecting
C. Suspecting
D. Unexpected
E. Unexpecting

8. The judge acquitted the accused all the eight counts.
A. Of
B. In
C. From
D. Upon
E. On

Free DSS Past Questions

We have provided free DSS past questions on this page in the section above. Are you one of the many candidates that registered for DSS/SSS recruitment? If your application was successful then you should start preparations for the forthcoming examination and the best material to ensure adequate preparation is DSS/SSS past questions.

The Department of State Security Service recruitment exam is one very competitive exams because of the nature of the job, and mode of selection. However, we have compiled the previous recruitment exercise exam questions and answers to help you pass this one you are about to write. Study the samples given above then proceed to download the complete material. You will find instructions on how to download DSS/SSS recruitment past questions on this page. See details below.

Nature of DSS/SSS Recruitment Past Questions

Yes, there are repeated questions on the material and you may find some in the exam you are about to take. It is important to note that the SSS interview questions consist of Current Affairs, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Overview and responsibilities of SSS, History and General knowledge.

In this material, all of these areas has been covered accordingly and correct answers have been provided to help you study effectively.

How to Purchase and Download DSS/SSS Recruitment Past Questions

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