Compro Common Law Past Questions and Answers and Answers

UBA bank aptitude test Past Questions

Compro Common Law Past Questions and Answers and Answers

Are you searching for Compro Common Law past questions and answers online? If yes, then download Compro Common Law aptitude test Past Questions on this page. Here we offer up to date past question paper for Compro Common Law exam interview, and we believe that these past questions will help you ace the exam. I recommend that you download Compro Common Law test questions. When you study original Compro Common Law exam past questions you’ll soon discover that the exam will be far easy for you.

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Compro Common Law Past Questions

Do you really want to pass Compro Common Law exam? If  yes, then all you need to do is to study Compro Common Law interview past questions which have been offered on this page for you. You can briefly study the free samples below but you will need to subscribe to download the complete question paper.

Compro Common Law Exam Past Questions 

One of the secret for passing Compro Common Law exam questions is effective preparation and revision. You can count on Compro Common Law test questions to help you ace the examination that is coming. At the end of the day you will be glad you did downloaded this study pack.

Free Compro Common Law Aptitude Test Past Questions

  1. Mr Willie likes to smoke cigars, but he cannot afford cigars so he puts five (5) stubs (which he finds) together to make one full cigar. One day Mr Willie was lucky to get 25 stubs extra. How many cigars could he smoke (maximum number)?
    B. 6
    C. 7
    D. 8
    E. 4
    2. 600 ladies and 400 guys belong to a choreography group. What are the chances that a person chosen to represent the group in the dance is a lady?
    A. 2/3
    B. 1/1,000
    C. 3/5
    D. 3/2
    E. 1/600
    3. Complete the sequence in the series: 213, 426, ____, 852, 1065, 1278 .
    A. 578
    B. 621
    C. 639
    D. 669
    E. 701
    4. Bea can paint a house three times faster than Alice can paint a house. If, working together, it takes Alice and Bea 24 hours to paint a house, then how many hours will it take Bea to paint a house alone?
    A. 28
    B. 30
    C. 32
    D. 36
    5. What percent of 15 is 15 percent of 1?
    A. 0.001
    B. 0.01
    C. 0.1
    D. 1
    6. What is the number of triangles in an octagon?
    A. 326
    B. 120
    C. 56
    D. 180
    E. cannot be determined
    7. If a sum of money compounded annually amounts to thrice itself in 3 years. In how many years will it become 9 times itself?
    A. 4 years
    B. 5 years
    C. 6 years
    D. 7 years
    E. 8 years
    8. A painting job can be completed by 7 painters in 50 days. If 21 more painters join the team 10 days after starting work on the job, how many more days are required to complete the job?
    A. 6 days
    B. 8 days
    C. 10 days
    D. 12 days
    E. 14 days
    9. The monthly incomes of Ada and Betty are in the ratio 4 :5, their expenses are in the ratio 5 : 6. If Ada saves 25 naira per month and Betty saves 50 naira per month, what are their respective incomes?
    A. 400 naira and 500 naira
    B. 240 naira and 300 naira
    C. 320 naira and 400 naira
    D. 440 naira and 550 naira
    E. 110 naira and 220 naira
    10. A bank department employs 2800 people of whom 70 percent are cash officers and one-fourth are marketing officers. The number of employees in the bank who are neither cash officers nor marketing officers is ______.
    A. 235
    B. 250
    C. 140
    D. 155
    E. 160

Free Quantitative Reasoning Questions

  1. A salesperson works 50 weeks each year and makes an average (arithmetic mean ) of 100 sales per week. If each sale is worth an average (arithmetic mean) of N1,000, then what is the total value of sales made by the salesperson in a year?
    B. N100,000
    C. N500,000
    D. N1,000,000
    E. N5,000,000
    2. The price of a product is reduced by 30%. By what percentage should it be increased to make it 100%?
    A. 38.758%
    B. 42.857%
    C. 62%
    D. 70%
    E. None of the above
    3. Five years ago, Sharon’s age was three times that of Sommy. Ten years ago, Sharon’s age was one half that of Ela. If E represents Ela’s current age, which of the following represents Sommy’s current age?
    A. E/6 + 5
    B. 2E
    C. (E – 10)/3
    D. 3E – 5
    E. None of the above
    4. Diki likes blueberries and apples. She puts bananas, apples, oranges, cherries, and blueberries into a basket. There are 36 fruits in the basket. There are 7 bananas, 4 apples, 11 oranges, 8 cherries, and the rest blueberries. What is Diki’s chance of picking out a fruit that she likes?
    A. 1/6
    B. 18/5
    C. 5/18
    D. 1/9
    5. A portion of $7200 is invested at a 4% annual return, while the remainder is invested at a 5% annual return. If the annual income from both portions is the same, what is the total income from the two investments?
    A. $160
    B. $320
    C. $400
    D. $720
    E. None of the above

Free Logical Reasoning Questions

  1. If it takes 5 minutes to boil one egg, how minutes will it take to boil 10 eggs?
    2 minutes
    B. 5 minutes
    C. 50 minutes
    D. 55 minutes
    E. Insufficient data
    2. Johnny’s mother had four children. The first was April, the second was May, and the third was June. What was the name of her fourth child?
    A. July
    B. August
    C. Johnny
    D. September
    E. October
    3. How many apples would you have if you took two apples from three apples?
    A. 3 apples
    B. 2 apples
    C. 1 apple
    D. 0
    E. None of the above
    4. How many of each kind of animals did Moses take into the ark?
    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5
    E. None
    5. You have the misfortune to own an unreliable clock. This one loses exactly 24 minutes every hour. It is now showing 3:00am, and you know that it was correct at midnight, when you set it. If the clock stopped 1 hour ago, what is the correct time now
    A. 6.00am
    B. 5.00am
    C. 4.36am
    D. 4.30am
    E. 3.36am

Free General Knowledge Questions

  1. The first African country to introduce E-passport was
    (a) South-Africa
    (b) Ghana
    (c) Liberia
    (d) Nigeria
    The Northern and Southern protectorate was amalgamated in
    (a) 1914
    (b) 1919
    (c) 1921
    (d) 1900
    3. The first Military coup de’tat in Nigeria was in
    (a) 1964
    (b) 1966
    (c) 1960
    (d) 1999
    4. The national youth service corp was established in
    (a) 1960
    (b) 1973
    (c) 1980
    (d) 1997
    5. African consist of how many countries
    (a) 54
    (b) 55
    (c) 60
    (d) 70

Free English Language Questions

From the alternative provided in the question below select the one which is most appropriately completes the sentence:
1. Had he known that it would rain, he ________ his umbrella with him.
A) would have taking
B) was going to take
C) would be taking
D) would have taken
E) would take
2. I gave the book to the library attendant ________ I think works in the evenings
A) whom
B) whose
C) which
D) who
E) of whom
3. The politicians are responsible for the ________ events have taken in this country
A) course
B) curse
C) coarse
D) cause
E) corse
4. Each of the contestants ________ a chance to win
A) has
B) have
C) get
D) gets
E) take
5. I was still sleeping when the national news ________ this morning
A) were broadcast
B) were broadcasted
C) was broadcast
D) was broadcasted
E) were being broadcasted

Free Verbal Reasoning Questions

Fill each gap with most appropriate option from the list following the gap
• In moments of serious economic hardship, many people are ______ to turn to God.
(a) Concerned
(b) inclined
(c) disposed
(d) propensed
2. We cannot all wear expensive shoe in situation of __________
(a) Diverent demand and supply
(b) uneven wear and tear
(c) different purchasing power
(d) unpredictable national income
3. The centre – forward was _____________ consequently the goal was not allowed
(a) In an offside position
(b) very well positioned
(c) brilliant player
(d) the captain of the team
4. AIDS is ____ disease that kills slowly but surely
(a) Too much a deadly
(b) Very deadly a
(c) so deadly
(d) such deadly a
5. We had a dull evening because __________
(a) Hardly the talk had begun when the lights went off
(b) hardly had the talk begun when the light went off
(c) the talk had hardly begun when the light had gone out
(d) the lights had hardly gone out when the talk began

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