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CIPM Past Questions PDF | Download Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria Past Questions and Answers.  The CIPM past questions and answers are available on this page in PDF soft copies up to 2021 question papers. You can now download CIPM CBT exam past questions and answers right here. Are you searching for materials online that will help you prepare for the forth coming CIPM exams? If yes, search no more as CIPM Nigeria past questions are available on this page for downloads through your email & whatsapp. Download latest CIPM exam past questions PDF now and commence studies immediately. You can download the following up to date questions and answers for CIPM exams below.

  • CIPM Foundation 1 past questions and Answers (Up to 2021 Now Available)

  • CIPM Foundation 2 past questions and Answers (Up to 2021 Now Available)

  • CIPM Intermediate 1 past questions and Answers (Up to 2021 Now Available)

  • CIPM Intermediate 2 past questions and Answers (Up to 2021 Now Available)

  • CIPM PE1 past questions and Answers (Up to 2021 Now Available)

  • CIPM PE2 past questions and Answers (Up to 2021 Now Available)

The latest version of CIPM exam past questions are provided here. That includes the most recent copy for 2021 exams of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria. All candidates are advised to study past questions for CIPM exam. You are bound to see repeated questions in this year’s exam. You can only discover this when you download and study this material. Download takes 3-5 minutes in your whatsapp or email. Read through this article to find sample questions and instructions on how to download the complete material.

List of Available CIPM Past Questions and Answers for Download

  • Foundation I Questions & Answers
  • Foundation II Questions & Answers
  • Intermediate I Questions & Answers
  • Intermediate II Questions & Answers
  • Professional I Questions & Answers
  • Professional II Questions & Answers

2021 Intermediate 2 CIPM past questions and PE1/PE2 PDF are currently available. Also, past questions for other CIPM exam levels/ category are also available.   Do you need CIPM Nigeria past questions for your online CBT exam preparation? If yes, CIPM online examination past questions PDF are available here for download. All candidates are strongly advised to study CIPM interview questions as this will help them prepare effectively. The CIPM study pack is available and has be arrange in a PDF soft copy for you. Briefly study some of the sample questions below. It should be noted that these samples are only extract from the complete material. They have been offered to give you knowledge about what the complete CIPM exam past questions contain.

CIPM Study Pack

QST 1. This phase helps employees to choose a career that is realistically obtainable and a good fit and to determine the weaknesses they need to overcome to achieve their career goals.
a) Development Phase
b) Determination Phase
c) Assessment Phase
d) Direction Phase

QST 2. Self-assessment usually involves doing
a) Skills assessment exercises
b) Completing an interests survey
c) Clarifying Values
d) All of the Above

QTS 3. Some of the tools used by organizations for career development are
a) Succession Planning
b) Promotability Forecasts
c) Psychological Testing
d) Performance Appraisal
e) All of the Above

QTS 4. During the Direction phase of career development, the most commonly provided information services are
a) Job-posting systems
b) Skills inventories
c) Career Paths
d) Career Resource Centers
e) All of the Above

QST 5. During the development phase of career development, the most common development programs offered by organizations are
a) Mentoring
b) Coaching
c) Job Rotation
d) Tuition Assistance
e) All of the above

QST 6. This phase of career development involves determining the type of career that employees want and the steps they must take to realize their career goals.
a) Direction Phase
b) Development Phase
c) Determination Phase
d) Assessment Phase

How to Download CIPM Nigeria Past Questions

CIPM past questions cost the sum of 3,000 to download. Past questions for CIPM exams is available in PDF. Pay to the account details below.

Bank Name: First Bank
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Account Name: Josephine P. O

Call our sales representative/team before or after payment to confirm via 08100923529. When you do so, send your email and proof of payment to the sales rep through whatsapp. Once confirmed, you’ll receive the complete package within 10mins.

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About (CIPM) Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria was established as an umbrella Association for Practitioners of Personnel Management in 1968 as the Personnel Management Association of Nigeria. In 1973, it was renamed as Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria. Finally, Act No 58 of 1992 chartered the Institute. CIPM Nigeria aims to be the foremost People Management and Organizational Development Institute in Africa, respected across the World. One of her responsibility is to promote Excellence and Regulate the Ecosystem for People Management to Deliver Value for Sustainable Growth of Individuals, Organizations and Nations.

Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM) Core Values

  • Service
  • Creativity
  • Result
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork

Objectives of Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM)

  • To promote and develop the science and practice of personnel management in all its ramifications;
  • To foster and maintain investigations and research into the best means, and method of applying the science and art of Personnel Management and to encourage, extend, increase, disseminate and promote knowledge and the exchange of information and ideas with regard to all questions relating thereto or connect therewith;
  • To develop and maintain high standard of professional competence and ensure that the management of human resource in Nigeria, both in public and private sectors, conforms with the best professional standards;
  • To conduct research into and publish materials relating to the discipline of Human Resource Management.

 Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM) Professional Examination Stages

  • Foundation I
  • Foundation II
  • Intermediate I
  • Intermediate II
  • Professional I
  • Professional II

Course Categories/Syllabus

  • Introduction to Management
  • Writing and Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Psychology & Sociology

CIPM Examination Date

Will be updated soon.

Online Examination Instructions & Guidelines

  • The test will be administered via the internet and will require the following: A good internet connection, A computer with a functional Webcam, Exam photo card.
  • The Institute will reject any registration form that is not properly completed.
  • Select ONLINE EXAM as the Examination Centre.
  • Examination fees once paid are non-refundable.
  • Make sure information loaded by the system e.g. exam category, resit subject (if any) are correct before proceeding to payment.
  • Annual dues must be paid up to date.
  • Download your photocard (examination card), which contains the exam time-table, in PDF and save it on the laptop you would use for the online exam.
  • Examination application submitted cannot be edited or modified.
  • Candidates will only be allowed to sit for the course(s) registered for.
  • Deferment of any examination will not be granted except on medical grounds, supported by a medical certificate/report and a letter from the candidate’s Manager or Head of Department (if applicable).
  • Ensure your Laptop network and battery are in good condition before starting the test.
  • Ensure no materials or books/persons laying around, phones, other gadget/smart devices or anything that gives off as malpractice is found within 360degrees scanning of your environment.
  • Please perform all guided pre-test activities. Ensure there is enough light in the room.
  • Ensure your environment is quiet, kindly put all devices away, including calculators. Where a calculator is required, use the one on your system.
  • This test is automatically monitored hence any violation will be recorded against you.
  • Your Username and Password are required to access the test.
  • Kindly go to using your Username or Password to access your test at the test start date and time. The notification below will be displayed if you fail to log in at the test date and start time stated: “You are not currently scheduled for an assessment.”
  • Your Username is not case sensitive; however, your password is case sensitive. Once successfully logged in, click on the “Take Test” button to commence your test.
  • Upon log in, read the instructions and click on the link specified on the testing platform to launch your assessment and insert your password a second time. Please note that once launched, access will be restricted to all other applications on your computer system so, ensure you have your password ready.
  • All applications that use webcam should be closed before launching the test such as Skype, Ms Teams, Zoom, etc.
  • Once your test has commenced, a timer will be located at the top-right corner of the screen which would indicate the total time left to complete the test.
  • DO NOT at any time leave or move your face away from your computer.
  • A preview of your video feed will be shown at the bottom right. Always ensure your face is properly aligned with your camera.
  • For the multiple-choice assessments, there would be question numbers at the bottom of your screen which would change colour as you progress through the test.
  • A red-coloured number indicates a question that has not been answered, while green indicates a question that has been answered.
  • At the end of your test, the display on the screen would read “Test Submitted Successfully”. “Error in submission” notification at the end of the test is as a result of a poor internet connection. Do not close the test window. Try to submit again while ensuring that your network is stable. Also, ensure all uploads at the end get to 100%.
  • Please ensure you are using a stable internet connection throughout the duration of the test. In the event of an internet disruption during the test, do not close the test window as this will prematurely end the test without submission of your activity and you may be unable to login again. Instead, check your internet source and try to ensure that it is stable.
  • Contact CIPM for any clarification on your result or information on your examination application.
  • By proceeding with payment, you agree with the above terms and conditions of the Institute’s Online Examination.



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