March 3, 2024

Obtain original copies of Chartered of Institute Human Resources Management CIHRM Nigeria past questions on this page. The latest CIHRM Nigeria past questions and answers are provided on this page for download. Are you among the many Nigerians that will partake in the Chartered of Institute Human Resources Management – CIHRM Nigeria exams? If yes, it yes necessary to download this material to help you study and prepare effectively. Candidates are advised to study Chartered of Institute Human Resources Management past questions and answers as this will give them an edge in the coming exams. CIHRM Nigeria exam past questions are compiled to include past exam questions. With these, candidates can brace themselves up by studying these questions rigorously. In the course of studying these questions, you stand a chance to discover questions that are likely to repeat as this happens in subsequent years.

The Chartered of Institute Human Resources Management exam papers will guide you on the patterns and structures of past examinations. In the course of studying these questions, you will discover solutions to the questions. Also, most questions repeat in the subsequent year’s exam, which gives you an edge in discovering those questions that are likely to repeat. You need CIHRM Nigeria exam past questions to be able to study the patterns of previous examinations. Download CIHRM Nigeria professional exam past questions and answers and you’ll be glad you did.

CIHRM Nigeria Past Questions

Below are samples of Chartered of Institute Human Resources Management CIHRM Nigeria past question and answers. These questions are few and incomplete. They serve as samples of the complete material. After studying these samples, proceed by scrolling down to the section with the title; how to download to make purchase/order for the complete CIHRM Nigeria study guide. Instructions will be given on the price and how to make purchase for CIHRM Nigeria study pack.

Samples of CIHRM Nigeria past questions

QST 1. Organizations which employ workers with high levels of skills and knowledge should consider implementing job enrichment programs. Which of the following is not true regarding job enrichment techniques?
A. Minimizing controls and providing freedom of work when the employees are clearly accountable for attaining defined goals
B. Providing wider scope, greater sequencing and increased pace of work
C. Incorporating more responsibility in the job
D. Introducing new, easy and flexible tasks

CIHRM Nigeria Possible Questions Likely to Repeat

Are you searching for CIHRM Nigeria repeated questions? If yes, check here to see CIHRM Nigeria possible exam questions likely to be repeated. It is highly recommended that you purchase the complete material in order to discover more possible questions. These questions are likely to repeat in the forth coming exams because they have been identified as some of the questions repeated in the previous years. Check out few of them below.

How to Make Purchase and Download the Past Questions

The cost for CIHRM Nigeria exam papers is 2,500 naira only. To make purchase for the material, pay the sum to the account details below.

Sterling Bank


U.C. James

Upon confirmation of your payment, the past questions will be delivered to your email. Send the payment details in form of depositor’s name, your email and name of past questions needed to us through 08100923529. You can call or chat on WhatsApp to either place order or confirm payment using the phone number given above (08100923529).






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