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CIBN Past Questions

 Download CIBN past questions and answers on this page: CIBN past question papers are available all categories and levels of Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) professional exam . You can now download even up to the most recently concluded exam questions of 2021 with us. The following Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) professional exam question papers  are available for all programmes in the CIBN. You can download any of the CIBN question papers below on this page:

List of CIBN Past Question Papers Available for Download

  • CIBN ACIB past questions 
  • CIBN Microfinance Certificate Programme {MCP} past questions
  • CIBN Certificate Programme past questions 
  • CIBN Chartered Banker past questions 
  • CIBN Intermediate past questions 
  • Professional Certification Training Program {PCTP} 

Proof of CIBN Past Questions Availability


Our CIBN study packs are up to date with up to date questions and answers up to 2021. If you need genuine and up to date CIBN past questions, then you have arrived at the right place to download the original copies. Please note that each year’s question paper is N1,000 Naira. If you want to download up to 5 years exam question papers, then that will cost N5,000 Naira (N1,000 multiplied by 5 Years). As you read through, you will find out how to purchase, then download these question papers for CIBN exams. Also download CIBN aptitude test past question for job interviews below. Please note that we sell a minimum of 3years which is 3,000 Naira. Hurry now and download your materials right on this page. Delivery is instantly on whatsapp or email.

CIBN Aptitude Test Past Questions

CIBN exam past questions for aptitude test interview are also available for those having job screening by the corner. The following are subject areas that makes up CIBN interview questions.

1. Current Economic Issues
2. Banking Supervision
4. Strategic Management & Leadership
5. Bank Examination
6. General Knowledge (Current Affairs)
7. Quantitative Reasoning
8. Verbal Reasoning

CIBN Past Questions

The CIBN Microfinance Certificate programme past questions for instance, are available for;

  • Microfinance I 
  • Microfinance II.

Microfinance Certification Programme Past Questions

1. Why does structured approach to credit risk should be taken.
a) To identify all the repayment risks and adopt appropriate measures
b) To obtain the maximum amount of information
c) To enable informed credit decisions
d) To estimate the maximum amount of prudent lending

2. Whom does credit analysis primarily help?
a) Bank Managers
b) Marketing officers
c) Tellers
d) Customer service executive

3. Specify whether the following statement holds TRUE or FALSE. An FI that is short-funded faces the risk that the return of reinvesting assets could exceed the cost of funding those assets.
c) true
d) false

4. What trade-off does management need to decide for optimal level of current assets
a) Between equity and debt
b) Between profitability and risk
c) Between liquidity and risk
d) Between short-term versus long-term borrowing

5. Which of these is a valid statement
a) Current assets of the typical manufacturing firm account for over half of its total assets.
b) Strict adherence to the maturity matching approach to financing would call for all current assets to be financed solely with current liabilities.
c) None of these
d) For small companies, long-term debt is the principal source of external financing.

6. Which of the following statement holds true with reference to estimating the probability of recovery?
a) Both of these
b) The available security and collaterals are assessed and liquidation value measured
c) Book value of equity is used as indicator of the liquidation value
d) None of these

7. Specify whether the following statement holds TRUE or FALSE. The trading portfolio of an FI typically contains assets and liabilities that are relatively liquid.
a) false
d) true

8. Specify whether the following statement holds TRUE or FALSE. Market risk is present whenever an FI takes an open position and prices change in a direction opposite to that expected.
a) false
b) true

9. What is the first step in risk management cycle?
a) Aggregating the risks
b) Measure the amount of risk
c) Controlling of risk
d) Identifying the types of risks

10. What is the amount of current assets required to meet a firm’s long-term minimum needs?
a) Gross working capital
b) permanent working capital
c) temporary working capital
d) Net working capital

11. Which financial statement shows source and application of funds
a) Balance Sheet
b) Unaudited Statement
c) P & L statement
d) Cash flow

12. Who issue qualified opinion on financial statements of the organization
a) Company director
b) Company auditors
c) Financial director
d) Investment advisor

13. What kind of risk is the bank facing in the following situation? “A Bank manages portfolio of bonds which it actively trades, with an aim to enhance the portfolio’s profitability.”
a) Insolvency risk
b) Technology risk
c) Operational risk
d) Market risk

14. What do you understand by risk of “insolvency”?
a) It is basically the risk of not being able to find a buyer for an asset
b) It is basically the risk of machinery breakdowns
c) It is basically the risk of borrowers not paying off lenders in a timely fashion
d) It is basically the risk of asset value falling below liability value

15. What type of risk may be kept open?
a) Very Significant
b) Extremely critical
c) Significant
d) Insignificant

Also, we have put together all courses and question papers for all Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) professional examinations.

Samples of CIBN Past Questions Extracted From 2015


October, 2015 Examinations 2015/CB/B/04




  • Read ALL instructions on the cover of the Answer Booklet
  • Accuracy and neatness will be taken into account in the award of certificates
  • Use only ball point
  • Maximum marks allotted are as indicated on the
  • Only non-programmable calculators are
  • Each answer must begin on a new page.
  • You are expected to show and attach details of all calculations and reasons for your Every professional advice you may offer should be supported with detailed rational assumptions.
  • Telephone, books, papers or unapproved documents shall not be brought into the Examination
  • ONLY approved examination documents and writing materials i.e. ball point pen, pencil, ruler may be brought in.





Free CIBN Past Questions


Question 1

  • As a result of the deplorable state of roads in Obalefum Community, some eminent gentlemen of the area have decided to incorporate a small limited liability company to undertake the production of asphalt which would be sold to the state government and local government councils at affordable price. The Memorandum and Articles of Association have been prepared and signed as required by law but the company is yet to be registered.

Enthusiastic shareholders have contributed N800,000.00 which was taken to the bank with the Memorandum and Articles of Association for the purpose of opening a current account in the name of the company. The bank’s current account officer refused to open the account. Whilst the shareholders were in the banking hall, armed robbers struck and carted the money away together with other valuables in the banking hall. The company’s shareholders initiated a legal action against the bank for a refund of the money stolen.


Advance reasons to justify the bank official’s action. (5 marks)

  • State, with reasons, the action you, as the bank official, would have taken in the (5 marks)
  • At what point will a bank be liable for its customer’s money stolen in the bank’s premises? (5 marks)
  • What defence (if any) can the bank put-up? (5 marks) (Total = 20 marks)

Question 2

  • Chief Oluomo of Ajaguna land is the proprietor of Oluomo International College at Ajaguna Community. He has maintained his school account with your bank since four years Chief Oluomo wanted to travel to Kenya for twelve months for his Master Degree Programme and during his absence, he wants his first son, Bamiduro Oluomo to take over the management of the school and its bank account. Chief Oluomo is the only signatory to the school account and he will be away for twelve months.


(a)(i) Advise Chief Oluomo as regards the arrangement he should make with the bank and its benefits. (4 marks)

  • State the precautions the bank should take to protect itself from being negligent under this arrangement. (6 marks)

(b) Before the end of the twelve months and about the time he was preparing for his return home, Chief Oluomo had a cardiac arrest and died intestate in Kenya. Give full details of the steps which his son, Bamiduro Oluomo should take in order to continue with the management of the school and the conduct of the account.

(10 marks) (Total = 20 marks)

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We know how difficult it is to transact online considering the high level of scam/ fraudulent activities these days. In a bid to be able to convince our customers, we have publish some sample questions above which you must have seen while reading about this article on how to download. Just as seen on the sample, the complete past questions contains the full question of which the samples were derived. You can count on us to deliver the past questions to you immediately, as the samples proof the availability of the past question papers. Thank you for your understanding. We so much cherish your patronage. Looking forward to your order!



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