AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) Past Questions and Answers and Answers

Download AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) past questions and answers on this page. Get latest AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) aptitude test Past Questions here, as this page offers up to date past question paper for AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) recruitment exam interview. To scale through AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) job interview, you should study original AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) interview past questions. Only with this study will you be able to pass the interview examination.


Do you really want to pass AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) aptitude test interview? If yes then you need to build more confidence and assurance in passing the AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) examination then it is important that you download AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) recruitment past questions which have been offered on this page for you to download in PDF soft copy.


Passing AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) job interview can be a great deal as so many other candidates will be sitting the same exam with you and the exams is a bit tactical. At this point, you can now imagine that it is only those who score very high will stand a chance to be selected. Are you one of the candidates that will take the screening aptitude test exam? If yes, then what you need right now to guarantee your success is AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) exam past questions and answers.
This page provides AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) interview questions and answers. We have compiled up to date AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK GROUP (AFDB) test questions and answers for you to enable prepare for the exam interview.


1. Fred bought a book that was discounted 75% off the list price of N20. How much did he pay for the book?
a) N15
b) N10
c) N7.50
d) N5
2. The windows of a building have 6 sides and 6 angles. What type of a polygon are the windows?
a) Septagon
b) Octagon
c) Hexagon
d) Pentagon
3. Of the 72 students on a track team, 34 are boys, what fractional past of the team are girls?
a) 3619
b) 3617
c) 3623
d) 3627
4. What is the reciprocal of 145
a) 149
b) 514
c) 1410
d) 1414
4. A kilometer is made up of ——meters.
a) 100 meter
b) 1000 meters
c) 10 meters
d) 10,000 meters
5. Write 18% as a decimal
a) 0.18
b) 0.018
c) 0.0018
d) 1.8
6. A company has increased its monthly profit from N12, 500 to N17, 800. By what percentage did their profit increase?
a) 29.3%
b) 36.7%
c) 42.4%
d) 53.9%
7. What is meant when it is stated that “a good marketing strategy will likely draw customers in?”
a) Customers will likely become interested in the product
b) Customers will become more knowledgeable about the product
c) Customers will be satisfied with the price of the product
d) Customers will pay attention to how the product is marketed
8. Express 398753 correct to three significant figures
A. 398000
B. 398700
C. 398800
D. 399000
9. A boy estimated his transport fare for a journey as N 190 instead of N200. Find the percentage error in his estimate
A. 5%
B. 47.5%
C. 5.26%
D. 95%
10. In a bag of oranges, the ratio of good ones to bad ones is 5:4. If the number of bad oranges in the bag is 36, how many oranges are there altogether?
A. 72
B. 81
C. 54
D. 45
11. A man is four times as old as his son. The difference between their ages is 36. Find the sum of their ages
A. 45years
B. 48years
C. 60years
D. 74years
12. A student spends ¼ of his pocket money on books and 1/3 on a shirt. What fraction remains?
A. 5/6
C. 1/6
D. 5/12 Ans=D
13. The —— in today’s issue of The Punch News paper focused on inflation
A. title
B. editorial
C. headline
D. story
14. President Jonathan’s speech—— at 9pm yesterday
A. had being broadcast
B. had been broadcast
C. was broadcasted
D. was broadcast
15. The way to stop frivolous publications is to—–the press
A. bribe
B. gag
C. jail
D. shackle
16. The instrument used to measure air pressure is called
A. Rain gauge
B. Thermometer
C. Wind vane
D. Hygrometer
17. The relationship traced to one’s father side is called
A. matrilineal
B. patrilineal
C. lineage
18. T he most wide spread traditional occupation in Nigeria is
A. farming
B. blacksmithing
C. weaving
19.The scientific explanation of man’s origin is referred to as—-theory
A. technological
B. ancient
C. experimental
D. evolution
20.Which of these is NOT a symbol of the nation
A. coat of arms
B.the pledge
C. Aso Rock
D.National flag
21.The money, equipment and building which are being channelled for production of goods is known as
A. capital
B. labour
C. land
D. management
22. Voyage refers to travelling by
A. air
B. water
C. rail
D. road
23. Which of the following is NOT an agent of erosion?
A. ice
B. wind
C. rain
D. sunshine
24.The longest river in Nigeria is river
A. Benue
C. Niger
D. Osun
25. Nigeria is bounded in the south by
B. Atlantic ocean
C. Pacific ocean
D. Cameroon
26. Which of these is NOT an Island in Africa?
A. Fiji
B. Madagascar
C. Cape Verde
27. In which state is Lake Chad situated?
A. Adamawa
B. Borno
C. Taraba
D. Sokoto
28. The black race is called
A. Caucasian
B. Red Indian
C. Mongolian
D. Negroid
29. The following factors affect population EXCEPT
A. mortality rate
B. immigration
C. census
D. fertility rate
30. Which is NOT a root crop?
A. sorghum
B. yam
C. potato
D. cassava
31. Which of these United Nations Agencies is responsible for the promotion of culture?

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